Being A Leading Provider Is Securus Technologies

Being a leading provider is something that Securus Technologies takes with great value. With such a responsibility in the civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety. They investigate, and monitor with respect for the customer. There will be multiple reports that are released over a six month period that will show findings of wrongdoings by Global Tel Link. (GTL) The release of these reports, facts, and findings that will reveal integrity breaches by inmate communications of GTL. According to PR Newswire, this release is in regards that GTL will step up and improve their standards to a higher level of integrity.
Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technologies states that in this industry of service is held to high integrity and this business is more than just making money.

The first release is an Order No. U-20784-B by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) in regards of the GTL wrongdoings when the were in service to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and their provision of telecom services for inmates. PSC investigated GTL in depth and found:

  • GTL unlawfully added 15 to 36 seconds to the calls
  • GTL unlawfully programmed phones to rate calls with higher rates
  • GTL unlawfully inflated charges to its customers
  • GTL unlawfully double billed single calls deliberately

The four listed charges listed above resulted in overcharging Louisiana taxpayers $1,243,000. More information can be found at: Your text to link…

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas. They continue to serve over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correction facilities. They can include their service to over a million inmates throughout North America. It’s Securus’ commitment to
serve and provide emergency response. With several services that are covered like:

  • Biometric analysis and information management
  • Inmate kiosk for self serve
  • incident management and public information
  • Monitoring products and services

To see the full suite of civil and criminal justice technology solutions visit PR Newswire.

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Igor Cornelsen Educates Investors

The investing world is filled with people that are trying to build a retirement empire. Everyone may not be able to spend a lot of money with stocks, but they can still make some major investments if they take the time to listen to what Igor Cornelsen has to say. He is a smart investor, and I think that he has managed to become a leader that can lead others. That is his gift.

I have noticed that his skills are a product of his life in Brazil. He has spent years there as a Brazilian banker, and it is has been impressive to see the knowledge that he has gained on investing. He is quick to tell investors to have a diversified portfolio. Igor Cornelsen is really helpful because I never once gave any thought to investing outside of America. I was skeptical about doing any of that until I heard about the average return rates in Brazil.

The stock market in Latin America will often outperform the American markets. This is one of the best kept secrets in Latin culture, but I am quite happy that Igor has managed to share this secret. It has been valuable to have someone like this that also knows what to invest in when any type of Brazilian stocks are considered.

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The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

I like the fact that he has managed to give people options that would help them get a great return. Cornelsen tells people to get some investments in raw material stocks. He also says there is red tape that people have to be mindful of. In Latin America it is also important to embrace the culture.

It is not a coincidence to see older people leaving one job to get another job right after they retire from one. These people are getting a job a second time around because they have not prepared for retirement in most cases. I do not ever want to be in that situation. That is why I have taken heed to the things like diversifying my portfolio and spreading out the funds between different stocks.

I have also been able to see the benefits of managing my own money. Cornelsen has stated that people should not put their investments on auto pilot. So many people do this without even thinking about it. I used to do it, but I realized that no one is going to look out for my retirement the way I do.

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Financial Leader Contributes To The World In Many Ways

David Osio was born and raised in Venezuela. He always took his education seriously and attended Universided Catolica Andres Bello, one of the most prestigious universities in his native country. He graduated with honors in Law in 1988. Later, he would receive essential instruction at the New York Financial Institute as well as the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos.

Mr. Osio served as a director for Escritorio Juridico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela as a young man. As Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International in Miami, he spent 1989 through 1993 overseeing all its corporate departments as well as devising plans to acquire new customers. He was able to accomplish a lot in that short time, growing their portfolio considerably and strengthening the company’s position in the international community.

Currently Mr. Osio is serving as Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group, advising and assisting their clientele in managing their finances. Under the leadership of David Olio, Davos was recognized as the first financial advisory company to offer a wide range of services to their clients. In the past few years, it has opened offices in New York City, Panam, Miami and Geneva.

In 2012, entrepreneur David Osio was recognized by the congress of the United States, along with other outstanding Venezuelans, for their valuable contributions as Hispanic leaders in America. Congressman David Rivera from Florida presented Mr. Osio and the others a Medal of Merit of the United States Congress along with a Congressional Certificate of Recognition and the U.S. flag. Mr. Osio expressed gratitude for being included in such an honorable group of his peers.

David Osio has always contributed his time and money to charitable organizations, including the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela as well as the Wayuu Taya Foundation. He is thankful for the success he has achieved and takes nothing for granted, always willing to share what he has with others who are less fortunate.

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Stephen Murray’s Career Path To CCMP

CCMP Capital is a very large and successful company, and they successfully manage a variety of different types of companies. The companies that are managed by CCMP include major multimillion dollar corporations, such as The Vitamin Shoppe and AMC Entertainment.

However, CCMP did not come out of nowhere. It evolved out of another very large and successful company, called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. There were a number of people that helped this company to form, including Stephen Murray.

Stephen Murray worked extensively with the transition from the company’s predecessors to CCMP. However, Stephen Murray also did a number of other things with his life of a noteworthy nature. He was a very beneficial philanthropist to a variety of different organizations.

Stephen Murray first began to learn about business and economics during the 1980s at Boston College. At Boston College, Stephen Murray was an economics major.

He certainly used this information to be a better manager of CCMP Capital. However, he advanced his education even further than the degree he got from Boston College. He went to Columbia University. While there, he studied business administration, and this is where he got his Master’s Degree. After graduation, Stephen Murray continued to do beneficial things for both colleges, as a donor. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees and 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

He ended up working for a company, called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This company was in a unique type of business. Rather than being a bank, the company worked in the banking industry as a manger of other banks. The company was responsible for managing banks that collectively contained a very large amount of assets. However, the company began to change it’s structure over the course of the years.

As time went on, the company morphed into companies with other names. Stephen Murray remained with the company the entire time, rising through the corporate ladder as time went on. Ultimately, there was a major corporate transition into CCMP, which the company still is today. Stephen Murray was one of the people that played an exceptionally major role in helping this to happen.

He was very financially successful from his leadership within this company. As a result, he was able to donate substantial amounts to various organization. He was been extremely helpful to a food bank, along with The Make A Wish Foundation.

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Digging Through Trash To Find Food

Those who live in Venezuela have turned to a new low. In a report by Corporation Wiki there is a food shortage in the state, and since it has been hard to find food, residents are starting to dig through trash cans just to find items that will nourish the body. Some of the people who dig through trash cans are those who recently owned businesses. Since the government has started to limit the number of hours that public officials can work and has started to ration the electricity, expert Ms. Luque says it has been hard for business owners to make any money to provide for their families. People aren’t helping others as they want to keep everything they find to themselves.  No one wants to part with even the smallest amount as it might not be replaced.

Whistleblower Representation Practice

In the year 2010, Congress introduced the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. One of the key highlights of the Act is the establishment of the whistle-blower program. The creation of the program was for the sole purpose of providing incentives and employment protection to people who report any violations of federal securities laws. The Securities Exchange Commission is the recipient of these reports.

The first ever law firm to incorporate this practice was Labaton Sucharow. The firm was at the forefront in protecting and representing Securities Exchange Commission whistleblowers. The firm through its Whistleblower Representation Practice provides what they call unparalleled representation for whistleblowers. The team at Labaton Sucharow is made up of forensic accountants, financial analysts and investigators who dedicate their time and effort in defending the whistleblowers and ensuring that their rights are protected. The former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Council in the Division of Enforcement at the Securities Exchange Commission leads this practice. The method ensures the whistleblower protection from unlawful termination from employment.

Under the Act and rules, the Securities Exchange Commission is expected to pay any whistleblower about 10-30% of the total sanctions that they collect for any enforcement actions. The practice of representing whistleblowers has been on the rise, and many law firms are diversifying their services to provide this. Some of the top whistleblowers law firms in the United States are Phillip & Cohen Partners with their lead attorney being Erika A. Kelton.

Other law firms are Bernstein Liebhard LLP, Zuckerman Law, Latham & Watkins LLP and Katz Marshall &Banks.

Whistleblowers attorneys have learned to create solid relationships with the Securities Exchange Commission to ensure institution of enforcement actions against violators of federal laws and rules. The whistleblower program also makes it possible for the awarding of additional awards to whistleblowers. Sanctions in the monetary form that may result from an enforcement action are the basis for these awards. Employers of any whistleblowers cannot take any actions against them. Anonymous reports of securities violation are also allowed under the law, and one can do this through an attorney.

Accountants and corporate lawyers are the typical whistleblowers since they are those usually exposed to vital information about companies and businesses.

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Search Cleanup: Maintaining Reputation

When you’re running a business, it’s important to be constantly searching for your name or your business and checking to see what kind of reviews or articles are popping up. If you’re doing well, usually you’ll find great reviews from satisfied customers that love doing business with you, but every once in a while there will be bad apples who just will not let a bad experience they had with you go. Unfortunately, that bad apple may exaggerate or say things in their review that may not be entirely true just to make a point, or maybe a competitor out there decided they wanted to do a hit piece on you just to make a point. When that happens, there are steps you should take including hiring to clean up any negative news online.


When you see reviews, blogs, or other articles and social media sites out there attacking you, don’t start turning your websites or social media pages into attack dogs. Instead, you should investigate what exactly the complaints are about and make sure that you’re doing everything to satisfy your customers in that regard and make sure there have been no incidents in which your customers have been short-changed.


If you’ve had false accusations stated about you or your business on review pages, make sure you let your customers know that business goes on and try to make sure the real story comes out. You should not fight the battle alone though, and if there is negative press affecting you, can help get rid of it. SearchCleanup has a team of professionals that can work behind the scenes to ensure false or irrelevant information is removed where appropriate and positive search results start showing up in search engines.


Brad Reifler Focusing Forefront Capital To Create Wealth For Middle-class Americans

The field of finance has many professional advisors and investors. As an investor, you are bound to trust their advice and sometimes they are the saviors of our financial problems. However, it is important to understand as a client that not every financial advisor can help you with your financial problems. It is, therefore, critical to select the one that is most qualified and with credible financial experience in the financial world.

Brad Reifler has proven himself as one of the individual working in the financial industry who have proven his worth having thrived well as a financial advisor in New York. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Forefront Capital Management since May 2009. The company is based in 7 Times Square in New York. Before founding the company, he managed various businesses and is still a board member in over five organizations including Trustee of the Millbrook School, Genesis Securities, foresight solutions, and the European Investment Bank.

Brad graduated from Bowdoin College with bachelor’s degree in economic and political science in 1981. His career started when he founded Reifler Trading Company a firm which specialized in financial research. The company later rose in value and hierarchy and became among the largest independent operations since 1995. Mr. Reifler then sold the company to Refco Inc. and founded Pali Capital in 1995.

Mr. Reifler is currently focusing his career towards developing Forefront Capital. He has dedicated his efforts and time to ensure that the company climbs the ladder to become influential in New York. Reifler devotes his time to ensure the company remains focused on ensuring the clients enjoy quality financial service. He has structured Forefront Capital to work with several other affiliate organizations in his effort to create a network of success. The affiliate organizations include Roots Market where he was the former director, CIFCO International Group, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp, and Symmetry Property Development.  Read Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investment if you really want to see what this investor can do.

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Continues To Weigh-In On Several Current Issues

Hedge fund managers have a certain glow about them, and that glow is the reflection of the money they stash in their mirrored money vaults every year. Hedge fund managers are considered super-rich and not all of them earned that wealth the American way. The American way is working hard, staying out trouble, and being respectful toward other humans and the planet. Some hedge fund investors don’t play by those rules, and if the American people have their way, hedge fund tycoons could become extinct in the future.

But in the present, men like celebrity investor Kyle Bass are able to sit down with the news media and give their opinions about the economy, the political area, the European Union’s situation, and the Chinese financial debacle that is in the process of creating a global recession. Bass is the former Bear Stearns executive and investor that bet the sub-prime mortgage scheme was going to explode in 2008, and he made millions on that bet. Bass become a rock star, and he has stayed in the limelight for the last eight years. But not all the press about Bass has been positive. Bass has been involved in a number of shady transactions, and his image has been tarnished by those questionable deals.

But that doesn’t stop Bass from speaking about the American election. Kyle recently told that he believes Hillary Clinton will be the next president and that Trump has made an impact on the political system. But Trump is just not suited to be president, in his opinion. Bass also talked about China and the hard landing the Chinese are experiencing because of the enormous amount of bad debts the Chinese banks are carrying, and the fact that there is a migration out of the urban areas created by the government. Bass also said the Feds won’t raise interest rates, and the United States will only experience a mild recession.

Kyle Bass isn’t the only hedge fund manager that gives his opinions to the press. George Soros, Ken Griffin, Daniel Loeb and Renaissance Technologies founder James Simons are constantly in the news for one reason or another. But Bass seems to be the bad-boy of that group, according to an article published by Bass is currently trying to cash in on some of the drug companies that are being investigated for price gouging.