Meet One Of The American Heroes Mr. Tony Petrello

While every successful person has his own story about their recession moments, the heroic Tony Petrello’s story seems to be more intriguing and interesting right from his humble beginnings. He has seen a lot of changes in his life in all facets including his career where he has worked with a good number of companies and now at the top as one of the propellers in the American economy. As a matter of fact, it’s a kind of an understatement to describe this man as successful because his unassailable achievements exceed that.

The legendary Tony Petrello could not be in the position he is now in corporate business if he never instills some of his values and cultures like being diligent, thinking creatively, great experience and his natural gifts. His help to children with diseases neurological disorders has been noticed and worth of emulation. Mr. Tony Petrello was raised up in Newark, New Jersey State where he was known to be a guru in the area of mathematics especially when he was in high school. Due to his mathematics prowess, he was awarded a scholarship by Yale University where the mathematician, Professor, and author, Serge Lang, mentored him.

Tony went to the field of Law though people like Lang wanted him to specialize in mathematics. After his undergraduate and his master degrees at Yale, he enrolled at Harvard Law School where he graduated in the 1970s. Later he joined a renowned American Law firm known as Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in taxation and consequently arbitration. After some time he led New York branch of the firm but later discovered a brandy path for him. One of the major clients of this guru was Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries was first in the market in 1968 which works in contracting equipment and various projects that are used in drilling natural gas, geothermal power, and oil. With only five decades in the market, the company has grown to be one of the leading land-drilling firms globally operating over 500 rigs in 25 countries.

The legal services that Tony Petrello offered impressed the managers of Nabors industries and they tried to win him for themselves which they were successful. From a corporate attorney to a business executive, he moved to Texas where he has stayed up to date. He started at Nabors as the Chief Operating Officer in 1991, later to the board of Directors and Executive Board Committee. After one year he became the President, by October 2011, he became the CEO and in 2012 he became the Chairman of Executive Board Committee.

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Igor Cornelsen: Engineer turn Investment Banking Guru

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native born in the city of Curitiba on the forth of October 1947. He enrolled to the Federal University of Panama eighteen years later at the institution’s School of Engineering. At that period the school was the only existing one in the two states namely the State of Parana as well as the State of Santa Catarina. This fact made it extremely competitive for anyone to be admitted to that faculty. Two years later after being exposed to the School of Engineering, Igor Cornelsen shifted his focus and started pursuing a degree in Economics in the same university.

After five years of being in the university, Igor Cornelsen graduated and started his career working at an investment bank. This was the typical route most engineering graduates took after finishing school. The reason for this strategy was due to the ability of the graduates as well as their expertise in the calculation of the rates of compound interests regarding sliding rules. This skill was highly marketable as it was a time when there was no existence of any electronic device that would be able to do those calculations.

This skill that Igor had made him recognized in the field and was hired to be an investment banker in Rio de Janeiro. He later got promoted to the directing board at Multibanco after an extended period of successful endeavors. He was then named the Chief Executive Officer of the bank in 1976. His role was short lived after he left the bank when it was an acquisition by the Bank of America, to join Unibanco. Unibanco was then a pioneer investment institution. He later got employed at the Libra Bank PLC in 1985. Libra was affiliated to the London Merchant Bank. He was later hired as a member of the directing board of the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank representing Brazil as well. He then formed his own investment company in 1995 and provided the same quality of services he offered in his previous employment.

Igor has a firm belief of not being dissuaded by other professionals in his field as he always tends to make his judgment and opinion on relevant facts but not hearsays from other analysts or professors. He, therefore, focuses his investments toward economies which he terms as growing assets. All this information is gotten from Reuters as he believes it is not biased towards anything. He considers the neutrality of the website makes him have trust towards the site and thus make logical decisions.

The Career Life Of Tony Petrello

The American corporate world is full of prominent figures who are doing well. Tony Petrello is among these key figures. The businessman has been holding the position of company Chief Executive Officer in an organization that is called Nabors Industries. Tony got this job several years ago, and he has been accomplishing his tasks with a lot of honesty. His hard work and commitment, especially in leadership matters is remarkable. Nabors Industries is a very successful company in the oil and gas drilling department. The company was founded many years ago, and it has only been able to survive tough financial times because of the great services it has been getting from its able leaders. The company has a criterion of ensuring that its leaders are the best in the market.

In the corporate world, there are few cases of professionals who have decided to remain honest. Despite the amount of money he has been earning while holding the position of CEO over the years, Tony Petrello has always shown his honesty and generosity. Tony comes from a very humble family, and he has never forgotten that. Over the years, the businessman has always been very successful, but he has never acquired the corrupt ways of most people in the American corporate department. The businessman runs one of the largest drilling companies in the entire world, but he is very humble.

A great leader has several qualities that are very difficult to maintain. Petrello and his beautiful wife have a young child who was born prematurely. This girl has grown to be quite different from other children. Tony and his wife learned several lessons from their sick child, and they have decided to help other parents who might be experiencing the same problems. The family has used so many resources on medical research so that doctors can get a cure for the disease their child acquired when he was born.

Apart from being a very generous man, Tony Petrello is a highly experienced and educated professional. Tony Petrello did not have so much wealth, but they made sure that their child got best education in leading universities in the entire world. The businessman has been using the skills he got from school to make the world a better place than he found it. The renowned investor left a great legacy in his former university because of his excellent performance in all the subjects.

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OSI Group Acquires Tyson Food Plant

The Tyson Food Plant acquisition by OSI Group was a natural and mutually beneficial transaction, which has recently completed a major step in the evolution and growth of OSI Group and all of its facilities around the world.

Some may ask why OSI Group has become one of the top food companies in America and indeed in all of the world. The answer is so obvious it brings to mind the age old cliché “…Can’t see the forest for the trees.” The answer is the dedicated and professional people, of course.

The staggering success of OSI Group can only be attributed to the people who own and operate it and it shows in the top notch quality of their products and services.

When the opportunity to acquire one of the finest production facilities from Tyson, which is located in one of the finest areas in the world, OSI Group didn’t hesitate. The project has enhance every aspect of operations and broadens the scope of the company greatly.

This great acquisition not only expands the physical operating prowess, it enhances the production of world class products and sharpens and hones the expertise of all the wonderful employees. Which in turn allows them to maintain, by virtue of their own concerns for life and living, the top level of safety for all employees and the environment as well. OSI Group touts their safety and environment concerns with awards such as the prestigious “Globe of Honour” Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council.

The Tyson acquisition also gives OSI Group a strategic edge in that the location is ideal for such processing and shipping needs. Chicago is second to none in this regard. Not only is it a modern structure with advanced and proven design, it comes closer to the professional people who work there rather than lengthening the distance from employees. This benefits the current workforce and also attracts new people by offering excellent career opportunities that provide security for a great future.

The non-stop efforts of OSI Group will continue and allow it to grow and provide the world with the finest food products and services possible. They have achieved world class status in food production and distribution through the hard work of one of the largest and best employee staffs on Earth. This is no small statement and OSI Group knows it and is proud of it.

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Rod J. Rohrich – Proud To Announce He Was Voted The Best Cosmetic Surgeon In Dallas

Even though it might seem like cosmetic surgeons are a dime-a-dozen in Dallas, Rod J Rohrich would like to share something with you about what makes his Dallas-Fort Worth cosmetic surgery practice special and standing out from the rest. He is proud to announce that he was recently voted as one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area. Luckily for his patients, however, this type of plaudit is not a one-and-done deal for Dr. Rohrich.

Indeed, winning awards and being recognized is literally almost a characteristic of Dr. Rohrich’s practice. First of all, he is a three-time recipient of the Plastic Surgery Foundation Distinguished Service award, and he is a chair of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. He is also a past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and has been a past president of the Rhinoplasty Society as well. To say the man has some energy would definitely be an understatement!

Perhaps one of the best things about Dr. Rod Rohrich’s practice would be the fact that he has experience with a litany of plastic surgery procedures. If it can be done to the human body cosmetically, chances are he knows how to do it.

Face and Neck

Dr. Rohrich has done many procedures on the face and neck over the years. If you are considering type of surgery, Dr. Rohrich Usually will suggest that you bring in pictures of how you looked ten to fifteen years ago as a good guide for him to follow. He can provide a facelift, rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, or a blepharoplasty.

Breast Surgery

Dr. Rohrich can perform a breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or a total breast reconstruction if needed.

Body Contouring

Dr. Rohrich has many years of experience performing procedures such as Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, or an overall body lift. He also can do a number of current laser procedures to meet all of your needs as well.

Considering Surgery?

Are you considering surgery? If so, then Dr. Rod Rohrich is the only surgeon in Dallas you need to talk to. His years of experience in plastic surgery will guide you every step of the way throughout the process.

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Europe Tastes Quality, As OSI Expands

Rather than replace and overcome, OSI Industries opts to absorb and adapt, as they aquire the Dutch producer Baho Foods in a recent purchase, greatly expanding their reach and range of products across Europe. This acquisition is not just any corporate takeover as Baho is brought into the fold, not led to the slaughter.

OSI seems to be returning to their faithful well of integration, employing their vast logistical network to transform Baho Foods from its singular status, into another the many high quality providers of OSI. Bringing new standards of quality, OSI provides the resources to their newest acquisition, to transform them into a proud gem in the corporate crown of OSI. This recent and sensational acquisition is actually not the first, in recent times. OSI has made similar advancements and acquisitons across several European nations, such as Spain and Britain, with the purchase of Flagship Europe, another food producer, which has only blossomed since its turnover to OSI. Baho Foods seems more of a done deal than a specualtion on improvement, as it is only to be expected that this newest member will follow the footstep of its brethren in rising to the occasion, and representing another step in a proud tradition of improvement and excellence.

This excellence, has not gone unnoticed either, as the markets and host nations happily recognize and reward the superlative performance of OSI. Privately owned and international, Forbes recognizes OSI Industries as 58th in a list of the wealthiest private businesses, spanning across every industry and nation. This booming success is seen not only in expansions, acquisitions, but in the bottom dollar as well. More than money though, OSI is the proud owner of numerous rewards and recognitions for their excellent performance, even receiving the 2016 Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council, for it tireless service as a model for maintaining the health and safety of its employees and customer. Even then, the list goes on, as OSI has been congratulated on even the impressive upward mobility and opportunity withing their own business.

With OSI, the standards of non-discrimination and fairness required by law are not only met, but far surpassed, as they set for themselves a higher standard than “good enough”, in an effort to assure the lives of their tireless dedicated employees are as high quality as their products.

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Know Your Rally Champion Mr. Rodrigo Terpins

Rally championship competitions happen to be one of the most joyous and lively games in the eyes of many spectators. Some go to an extent of developing mobile game applications to taste the feeling of the rally driving on their phones. When it comes to living rally competitions, you may have wondered where those cars are really driven by humans or are they computer-driven. Well, the fact is that the cars are driven by highly trained and experienced professional drivers who know the real job behind the wheel. One of such celebrated rally drivers in Brazil is Rodrigo Terpins.

In the heart of Brazil hails a renowned rally driver that every rally fun applauds nationally for his expertise and talents when it comes to rally driving. It becomes even more fun when they participate with his bother Michel Terpins who is also a well-known driver. Rodrigo Terpins has participated in various competitions and races like Prototype T1, Bull Sertoes Rally, and many others. He has rallied with Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator and partner.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins believes in the power of consistency and determination in making a successful career in rally driving. He refers to these two as the driving forces into becoming a real champion. He has always said that he values his past competitions as they formed a good foundation for his present and even future races and competitions.


The Heroic Rodrigo started his passion from a very young age. His sports affinity family made his dream a reality especially from the motivation of his father who was a very successful basketball player and a president of Latin American Jewish Council and The Maccabi Latin American Federation. The family turned to be famous in off-road rally championship in entire Brazil.

Rodrigo has not ignored the power of social media and innovations thus making him have several social media accounts which he specifically uses to interact with his huge fan base. Anyone who wants to follow his rally driving professionalism usually clicks on the LinkedIn page. In addition to his social media, he also has a well-maintained website which contains his bio information, interviews, and even photos. You can visit for more info.

OSI Group Acquires Baho Foods And A Lot More

OSI Group, one of the world’s biggest foodservice companies, has been on a roll lately in terms of acquisitions. Based in Aurora, Illinois, the company has been doing business since 1909. Their beginnings are surprisingly humble. OSI was originally a meat market and butcher shop in Chicago. It was called Otto And Sons, as it was operated by founder Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. The company received their big break when it was selected by McDonald’s as its original supplier of ground beef. This led to a huge expansion for the company. This expansion is why OSI made the recent list of the world’s top 100 food companies.

Their latest acquisition is a beef slaughter operation in Germany that has enjoyed a long lasting and close relationship with farmers in the region wherein it is based. This is part of why OSI chose to purchase Hynek Schlachthof for an undisclosed sum last year. Also, having a slaughterhouse so close to the farms is a great asset for any meat company to acquire. Eric Schottl, the managing director of OSI Europe, said that the buy was part of a larger company effort to expand into Europe, and that this acquisition would help provide the raw materials needed. As you will see, most of the purchases made by OSI lately have been consistent with this goal.

The year before that, they bought Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a UK-based foods company specializing in frozen goods. The company had been owned by Flagship Foods out of Denver, Colorado, before being purchased by OSI Group. They have since renamed Flagship as Creative Foods Europe. Earlier that same year, OSI completed a huge expansion when they bought a controlling stake in dutch food company Baho Foods Group. This adds to their growing portfolio. Baho was a very large and well-established company, having done business for over 60 years in many countries throughout Europe.

Also in 2016, OSI Group bought a Tyson food processing plant in Chicago for about seven million dollars. OSI didn’t publicly state very much about this buy, but they did say that the plant was selected for its close proximity to their existing Chicago facility. Before that, they opened up a new regional office in Germany. All in all, they had an extremely busy year.

One thing we can see is that when they acquire a company, they normally keep the existing management structure in place and allow the company to go on doing business as usual. From this, we can see that they only buy healthy and profitable companies.

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Doctor Saad Saad acts of compassion in his career

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Kuwait where he was raised. He was born in a family of very educated children with some of them being engineers with masters degrees and others with PhDs. Doctor Saad Saad was the last born in his family. His educated siblings gave him the inspiration to go for higher education and become someone who was recognized in the society. His family seemed to be a well of a family but he had a kind heart that always had so much concern for the poor children, physically challenged and other disabilities.

He attained his medical degree from the Cairo University and he successfully went for his internship and specialized in Pediatric Surgery. He has worked with more effort to make sure that he does the best he can to give back to the society through his career. Through his expertise in pediatric surgery, he has been able to develop many pediatric procedures and patent many inventions. He has been in a position to perform a significant number of complex pediatric surgeries thus saving many lives, especially of very young children.

Dr. Saad Saad has also done a lot of charity work through his professional career. For example, he went for a number of times in Jerusalem to perform some medical missions for poor children free of charge. His reputation has made him be one of the most recognized and valued people in the society. These surgeries were so complex that the parents to these children could not afford to pay their bills. He saved the lives of those children and as a result, God has continued to expand his ways throughout his career journey.

Each step in his career was a learning experience for example when he was in his internship, he was trained by one of the best Pediatric surgeons in the United States and he followed his footsteps to make sure that he one day became like him. Dr. Saad Saad once testified in one of his interviews in the media that the greatest lesson that he learned from his instructor was how to be hardworking and avoid discrimination in his work. He learned that he should treat all the patients equally regardless of the race, financial status or any other factor.

Dr. Saad Saad has continued to do more research in his career and he has been able to make a significant number of inventions. He believes that research is always the solution to every problem that affects the society. He has been in a position to have public talks through the social media to help the public understand the implications of cancer and advice them on various ways in which cancer can be treated thus creating more awareness in the public. Learn more:

OSI Industries: Reinventing Professional Foodservices

Professional foodservices has been around for a very long time. Most grocery stores and restaurants order their food products via food service providers. Though there is a small percentage of food retailors who provide their own production of foods, the majority of the field uses food providers to fill the shelves with products. The United States is home to one of the top foodservice providers of all-time, and it’s known as OSI Industries. If the name isn’t too familiar, this particular company also goes by the name of OSI Group. It’s an Illinois-based food service company that has numerous specialties. This company produces and sells food products, it creates custom foods, and it handles the entire logistical process of the business.

OSI Industries seems to be in a class of its own. There are literally more than 20,000 employees here. Of course, the employees are spread-out across 17 different countries. The numbers are simply staggering to some degree, but it’s 100 percent true. OSI produces a large number of standard foods such as:

• Fritters

• Meatballs

• Cheese

• Cooked Sausage Links

• Steak

• Cookies

• Beef Patties

• Hotdogs

• Tofu

• Panini

• Pizza

• Flatbread

• Tomatoes

• Pot Roast

• And many more

The number of foods is nearly endless and it would take all day to name each and every one of them. This company also has a large presence in China. OSI Industries has been conducting business here for over two decades. The explosion in China’s economy is a direct reflection of OSI’s presence, and the company has up to 10 factories. Some of the factories are innovative feed mills, and others are high volume production plants. All in all, this short article can’t do the company any justice, but just know that OSI Industries has reinvented professional food services of the new millennium.

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