Lori Senecal on How to Grow Your Business Online

Lori Senecal currently acts as the Chief Executive officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky, LLC, having assumed the position in 2015. Throughout her career, Lori Senecal has consistently delivered the desired results for her companies in regards to marketing and advertising, often initiating new approaches that have given her, as well as the entire industry, quite the boost. Lori Senecal recently discussed a number of new trends that can effectively take your company to new heights.


Because nearly everyone has a smartphone or other mobile device, mobile advertising is quickly become the wave of the future, surmounting its predecessor, desktop marketing. Today, people use their mobile devices for a number of transactions, as well as for entertainment purposes, and it has been reported that the majority of smartphone users spend 25 percent of their time using them. While the revenue from desktop marketing has essentially plummeted in recent years, mobile advertising has done just the opposite, and in 2015, revenue from online advertising reached $60 billion, with little of that being a result of the desktop sector. Check out Inspirery to see more.


Social media is currently king, and at the top of the mound is Facebook. Between 2014 and 2015, Facebook’s advertising revenue saw a jump of nearly 60 percent, and when combined with Google, who also a significant increase, the two online powerhouses controlled nearly 80 percent of the advertising growth. With the rise of mobile advertising, also comes the rise of ad blocking software, which in the advertising world, has become public enemy number one. Reports have shown that over 90 percent of online users either utilize ad blocking software or are planning to implement it in the future. In order to combat this trend, many companies have begun implementing shorter ads, therefore allowing their messages to be conveyed, while also limiting the perceived distraction amongst consumers. Universal Pictures, Spotify, and Snapchat were the winners in utilizing this new strategy, as many of their condensed ads received more than 14 million views. Another technique that they have employed, is to use real people, versus celebrities, as many audiences seem to connect more easily with people that they can relate to. Visit YouTube for more Videos.



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