Southridge Capital’s Financial Solutions Are Open To Everyone

For more than 20 years, Southridge Capital has been supplying the community with top-notch financial solutions as well as financial management. Southridge is backed by a highly experienced financial team that have knowledge in all areas of finance. Becuase of this, they are able to create excellent plans for their clients regardless of what kind of financial aid they need. Since the company’s inception, they have invested more than two billion dollars worldwide in various different corporations. Hundreds of companies around the nation have used the services of Southridge Capital since they opened in 1996 in the small state of Connecticut.


Not all financial solutions companies out there are created equal. Whether it is the experience of the staff or the options they have available to their clients, few companies in the country can compete with what Southridge has to offer. The majority of clients that come to Southridge are business owners and small companies, but individuals can also make use of Southridge’s services. Whether it’s debt, credit management, asset management, or creating a strategy for increased revenue, Southridge Capital’s team of professional’s can make it happen.


Stephen Hicks started Southridge Capital back in 1996 as a private company in Connecticut, which has remained the same for more than 20 years. Southridge Capital has just five people as part of their management team, yet they are able to guide Southridge without any problems. Today, Southridge aims to help the community through quality financial solutions that work for the individual, not just the company. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Not only does Southridge Capital aim to help the community through good financial support, but through philanthropic projects as well. Stephen Hicks has made giving back to the community an integral part of the company, which is why he also started up the Daystar Foundation which focuses on charitable donations.



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Sam Boraie Is A True New Jersey Visionary

New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of those old New Jersey cities that has gone through dramatic transformations over the years. In 1920, about 33,000 people lived in New Brunswick. Many of those people were of Hungarian descent. The 2015 population of New Brunswick was 57,000, and many of those people come from Hispanic and Asian countries. The city has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last two centuries. The downtown area became a ghost town in the 1960s. There was an exodus to the suburbs back then. The only major business that remained downtown was Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Company. Rutgers University was the main attraction in the downtown area during those mid-century years. In 1975, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority formed the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DevCo). The goal of DevCo was to revitalize the downtown area and to rejuvenate the neighborhoods that were deteriorating from lack of use and crime.

In the 1970s, Johnson and Johnson decided to stay in the downtown area. The company built a new world headquarters on Route 18 and George Street. That was the first sign that downtown New Brunswick was making a comeback. The second sign came from Boarie Development LLC. In 1972, Sam Boraie started buying dilapidated downtown properties. Back then, people couldn’t walk on the streets after dark. The crime was out of control. So Boraie went to work, and he redesigned on Albany Street. He started buying the 21 old buildings on the block. Sam’s first major project was the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. When Plaza Tower One was completed in the 1980s that first 250,000 square feet of office building stood in the middle of downtown like a Phonix rising from the ashes. Tower Two was completed in 2003, and that structure gave the city more office space.

Boraie knew he had to add more residential units to the downtown area. He studied the residential buildings in New York City, and he decided to develop the One Spring Street Condominium building. The building is a New York City style structure with 25 floors. One Spring Street has 121 residential units, 10,000 square feet of retail space, a 400-space parking garage, and 40,000 square feet of office space. According to, when the building was completed in 2007, it sold out in two months.

The Aspire Building, another Boraie creation, is a 17-story 370,000 square foot residential and office building with a four-story parking garage. It is New Brunswick’s first luxury condominium building. People are moving back to downtown New Brunswick thanks to Sam Boraie’s vision. The Millennials that work in the offices Sam built want to live near work and Boraie is giving them what they want. Boraie Development LLC is in the process of building Tower Three on Albany Street.

The 73-year old Boraie ( is not finished with New Brunswick even though he developed One Riverview in Newark with Basketball star Shaq O’Neal. In 2014, Boraie’s company played a role in the fundraising project for the State Theater. Sam was recognized as one of the four honorees that helped make the State Theater possible.


Capital Group Partners With Samsung for Asset Control

With over thirty years experience in investment, Timothy was appointed Chairman of the Company, Capital Group. Timothy partners with senior executives of Capital Group to run the business and manage daily operations. Timothy’s roles at Capital Group began in 1983 when James Rothenberg was the Chairman. Timothy took up his position when he passed on in July 2015. Armour acknowledged James’s input at Capital Group during his serving as lead and Chairman.

Capital Group was established in 1931, in California and is prominent for its age and reputation as the top notch investment management with long term focus. The company has offices in over twenty cities. Capital Group has had many partnerships including the Samsung Asset Management. The aim of the alliance was to link on global and asset control in the Korean market. The two firms were to capitalize on four core areas namely; investment administration, asset supervision, retirement management and maintenance of supply channels.

Early Life and Career

Although Investment is fun and beneficial, the risks involved are not as exciting. That is why Timothy Armour is instrumental in the field of investment. Timothy Armour has been a long term serving Chairman and Director of Capital Research Company. He is also the Principal Executive Officer of the firm and a Portfolio Manager in the company. With a vast experience in investment, Timothy was initially the Investment Analyst at Equity Capital. In that department, he was in charge of global telecommunications. His career commenced when he participated in the program of associates after his graduation from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s in Economics.

September Market Sell Off

As a portfolio manager and guru in investment, Timothy Armour was interviewed concerning the effects of China’s trading in the 2015 economic recession. The recession was marked with a sharp dwindle in Chinese stocks in addition to currency devaluation. The two elements hurt the world’s economy starting with Europe, Japan, and America, some of the states that rule the world’s economy. China decreased its interest rates to stimulate the economy. According to Timothy Armour, the U.S has been controlling the world with fair values in most sectors and companies. The market correction was therefore expected in the long run because; it is healthy for the economy once in a while. Tim further said that the economy of the U.S is not growing as fast as most investors expected because of a mix up in data.

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