Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Proves that Success Begins at the Top

Papa John’s is a popular pizza chain that has been cranking out pizzas since 1984. This company started off with humble beginnings but is now a leading pizza brand in the world. In January of 2018, the organization took on Steve Ritchie as the CEO. He was promoted to this position after being president of the chain since 2015.

Steve Ritchie is dedicated to his work as CEO of the Papa John’s. This man has been affiliated with Papa John’s since 1996. He started his work as a customer service rep, but he quickly made his way through the ranks. He eventually opened his own Papa John’s franchise by 2006. Shortly after running his own franchise, Ritchie became a leading figure for the whole entire company. He was promoted to president in 2015 and earned the CEO position by 2018.

One thing that Ritchie (@PapaJohns) wants to do is to make Papa John’s a better place. His approach to improving an already great company is to focus on the employees. The workers at Papa John’s is why the company exists. There are over 120,000 stores located across the globe. Each store is operated by employees who are necessary for success. Ritchie took a tour of the Papa John’s franchise locations. He visited major cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles to figure out what needs to change or improve.

Remember that Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was a former employee that worked his way up to the top. He understands what it is like to be a daily worker for Papa John’s. He also owned his own franchise. However, Ritchie knows that his experience with the company is not the only perspective there is. He is gathering first-hand information from the company’s workers to figure out how Papa John’s is going to function in the future.

Steve Ritchie’s approach to Papa John’s proves that he understands his business and how to best operate this organization. It is common knowledge that a successful company begins with successful leadership. Ritchie is proving that he is doing what is necessary to make Papa John’s a great place for his workers and a great pizza shop for customers.

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Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie Drafts An Emotional And Intelligent Apology To Their Customers

Following a recent drop in sales that was caused by one of the top management of Papa John’s, a smart move had to be taken to win back the customers trust and enhance the good relationship between the company and the clients. The CEO of the company, Steve Ritchie, who has over 22 years experience took the smart move and offered an apology to customers, which was delivered through a well-written letter.

Mr. Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s stated that the company has zero tolerance to bad language from the staff and that is what has enabled the company to grow and have more than 120,000 team members both corporate and franchise. The company employs people regardless of their races and religion, and the main focus is to provide quality services to clients. He continued to point out that Papa John’s is going to take actions to improve the quality of services offered.

Steve Ritchie stated that Papa John’s is in the process of inviting professional auditors from outside to the company help in auditing the company’s diversity, culture and inclusion practices. The move will be important in assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses that will help the top management set the goals for improvement. Another great move that Steve Ritchie stated is that the opinions of the franchises and employees will be collected by the top management who will be moving around as well asking the clients to hold the company accountable and maintain transparency in their operations.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is a leader that believes in leading by example. Papa John’s takes client satisfaction as their top priority because they couldn’t make it without them. Steve said that the trust of clients is very important and Papa John’s will do what it takes to win it back and continue offering services to the esteemed clients.

Steve Ritchie offered the direct apology that included empathy and indicated some vulnerability. He stated that Papa John’s is a big company and no individual can sabotage its operation. The letter offered is a major step to recovery of the customer’s trust and the company good sales.


Gareth Henry: Global Head of Investor Relations for Alternative Investment Managers

Meet the famous Gareth Henry, the head of investors’ relations for alternative investment managers. He began his business success after understanding economics and risk management when he was young. Most of the time Gareth Henry spends on picking calls and meeting people face to face to discuss business.

The trending news and activities on Gareth Henry is the discussion on the type of risks that investors come across while conducting their business. With great money, comes a big risk in investing high returns and private credit funds. Below are some of the risks investors come across.

Leverage is the amount of debt a firm uses to finance its assets, and is mostly used to boost the returns. The best part of leverage is that it can bring good money in return during good times, and is mostly used at the senior level funds since it can boost the funds’ debt offers. However, it’s often said that the more the leverage, the higher the rate of risk like credit line canceling crisis that ends up causing a lot of problems in the future, for instance, the company portfolio that may lead to the company termination.

Style drift happens when funds change from their original status. The major problem about this kind is that; most of the time investors are caught unaware when the risks are introduced to the funds. Management capacity is used to right-sizing resources to meet current and future needs. The major risk is losing revenue and market shares in the business.

Legal jurisdictions are approaches taken to the rights of creditors when it comes to settling of disputes. The main risk comes because people don’t know or get familiarized with the rules that govern legal jurisdiction because different countries have distinct rules, and are not closely related while investors may face the risk of encountering a location-related legal setback.

According to Gareth Henry, consistent talking with clients has helped in the promotion of his business, and knowledge of the risks involved before taking any action. That assists thousands of investors from suffering losses in business. To date, Henry is one of the most trusted professionals when it comes to handling business-related risks.

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Peter Briger, the Co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a member and a co-principal of the most prominent financial investment Business in the world, Fortress Investment Group. Peter is aged 43 years. He resides in San Francisco, California, United States of America. Peter lives with his family. He is married to one wife and has four amazing children.

Peter has served both as a co-chairman and principal of the board of directors of Fortress firm. He has served in the position of the board of directors since November 2006. Peter was elected to be the Co-chairman of the Fortress Investment group in August 2009. The successful entrepreneur has also been a member of the Management Committee of the largest financial firm in the world. Peter Briger has been a member since March 2002.

At Fortress Investment group, Briger is entirely responsible for all Real Estate and Credit businesses. The headquarters of the firm is located in New York. Before Peter Briger joined Fortress Group, he had served at Goldman Sachs and company for fifteen years. He joined Fortress back in March 2002. He entirely became a partner of Goldman in 1996. Currently, Peter Briger serves as a member of the board of all charter schools. These calibre schools are responsible and committed to preparing students for coming success. They ensure that the students are well prepared and competitive in four-year colleges and even beyond. To know more about him click here.

Peter joined the University of Princeton. He pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After he completed his bachelors, he decided to join the Wharton School of business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he pursued his master degree in business Administration.

According to a ranking that was conducted in the United States of America out of the 400 wealthiest individuals, Peter Briger was placed position three hundred and seventeen. Peter was listed to be worth 1.5billion. According to reports, Briger accumulated his wealth from his shrewdness of asset trading.

Peter has participated in the success of Fortress Investment Group since he joined the organisation. His leadership and watch have propelled the firm at the level that it is currently. When he fully joined the Fortress team, he pledged to guide the team in real estate business and debt securities. Until to date, the team has been reaping big profits and experiencing success under his guidance.

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Learn from the entrepreneurial success of Peter Briger

Peter Briger became renowned in the financial sector when he joined the list of Forbes billionaires in 2008. In 2002 is when he joined Fortress Investment Group which is one of the largest investment companies in the world. Currently, he heads the real estate and credit section for the company. He also serves as the principle and a member of the board of directors. Peter joined the company because he wanted to work with people who had similar goals. He aims to help investors to earn from their investments. That is why Peter decided to join entrepreneurs like Wes Edens and Randal Nardone who are experienced in the field of finance. Since he joined the company, he has helped in many ways, and that is why he has been promoted to various positions. He had worked at Goldman Sachs for more than ten years, and his talent was noted.

Peter Briger has also been as a board member at Linktone Ltd. He has also been given top positions at Tipping Point, Caliber Schools and Foreign Relations Council. He also serves on the board in organizations like Special Surgery Hospital and Conservancy of Central Park. The entrepreneur attended some of the best institutions in the United States because he wanted to learn the best skills. From Princeton University, he advanced his education at the Wharton Business School. After the proper education, Peter started his career and soon joined Goldman Sachs. He used his talent and the skills he had earned from school to enable the company to perform.

Peter Briger is not only in business, but he has been offering support to various charitable organizations. He wants to shape the lives of others. He supports various entrepreneurial programs at Princeton, and the programs have been working well. The primary focus of the programs is to provide funds to startups and upcoming entrepreneurs. Peter has established innovative programs that are helpful to the students. Peter is always looking forward to helping those who are willing to invest. That is why he has managed to attract many clients at Fortress. His great portfolio speaks volume about his ability to help investors.

Peter Briger is ready to apply the experience and skills he has gathered on the way to improve the financial industry. His company is dealing with investments running into billions and therefore, it is clear that his reputation as investor and financial manager is way above the rest.

Hussain Sajwani: China Driving My Interest

Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC owner and chairman and the globe’s tenth richest Arab who is seeking to enlarge his business presence in Asia. The continued economic growth of Asia and particularly China is what drives Hussain Sajwani interest in the country. For several years, Damac has been dynamic in the Chinese marketplace, but Hussain is currently seeking to enlarge his business presence in the region. The value of the emerging middle class in China continues to grow, and the Damac boss sees it as a ripe opportunity to capture extra investors due to added bilateral associations between China and UAE.

Sajwani views diversity as a key ingredient at Damac. That indicates that the firm is rich in varying ideas, perspectives and views to tap into when making major business decisions or when developing strategic plans. The worker place at Damac has employees from different countries, and that is all that makes the organization unique.

With factors like exchange rates, tariffs, and trade wars among others, Hussain Sajwani has been able to keep with the fast pace of change because he has never been in politics and more so he focuses on changes and policies that only affect his company. As per, if the world politics alter the dynamics of the markets and industry in which Damac operates, it’s at that point that they adapt and revise the approach while making the best of the chances and at the same time minimizing negative politics and the likes.

The story of Damac is all related with the great vision that the founding fathers of UAE who knew the value of holding a unified and strong nation and which would serve as the gateway between the West and East. From a young age, Hussain Sajwani understood the significance of home-grown businesses. Damac has attained the level and size of maturity that ensures it begins viewing beyond the region.

The company has provided more than 20,000 homes with just a few developers in the Middle East, and there are also good chances of taking the business to various corners of the world. Every person at Damac is capable of contributing to the growth, performance, and innovation of the company.

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Wes Edens Growth and Prosperity in Fortress Investment

The international finance department is the home of professionals who understand their roles too well. The department has been growing each passing day, and it has managed to influence so many other crucial areas in the market. The industry makes sure that all other departments have the funds needed to facilitate the growth of their business. Companies that have been founded in this area have faced challenges as they grow, but this has not hindered their commitment to serve the consumers. Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has changed the asset management field in the last two decades. The company has strong professionals who have been serving as its pillars of strength since it was started so many years ago. One of the key pillar is Wes Edens.

It is not possible to appreciate the achievements of Fortress Investment Group without mentioning Wes Edens. The finance guru is currently living in the United States. Although he has a very busy career life, the businessman has ensured that his role in the global firm is offered the top priority. Wes Edens was there when the company was starting twenty years ago, and he had a lot of input to ensure that the company set out with the right standards. Today, the company is respected as one of the leaders, and Wes Edens is considered to have put in the effort needed to make the company grow. The company was recently acquired by other investors, but Edens remains to be a key figure in the top decision-making procedures.

Success favors the personalities who know when to make a move in the competitive market. Wes Edens has various investment interests all over the world, and he has been doing so well. His profits have made him one of the people who recently appeared in the billionaire list. The Forbes platform recognized the finance executive for the wealth under his belt. This wealth has been growing over the years. His income in Fortress Investment has played a role in the wealth too. The finance executive has a great passion for football games, and this is why he recently purchased Aston Villa Club.

Entrepreneurial Skills by Jim Toner

Jim Toner is an entrepreneur and real estate investor with experience that spans over 25 years. He wholly understands the market dynamics in the sector. In the past years, the market has been marked by both recession and market crash. As an experienced and skilled investor, he aids Americans in making wise investment decisions in the sector. He has served as a motivational speaker and a radio show. The show focuses on ways that investors can build wealth through mitigating market problems. Despite having the resources required to invest in the sector, many individuals like market know how or the skills to overcome market risks.

Jim Toner has been in the trenches for over two decades and employs both his experience and finance experience to make wise investment decisions. Through his 12 Little Houses Plan, he held the view that other Americans can attain finance freedom by following the stipulated strategies. Over the years, his investment programs and counseling session has attracted many audiences from different parts of the country. Jim Toner’s insights have been featured in the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the ABC and other media platforms. Additionally, he was closely worked with individuals such as Bil Bartman and Sharon Lechter.

Philanthropic Activities

According to, other than just taking part in real estate activities, Jim Toner is a philanthropist and has taken an active role in positively shaping the society. His contribution has seen the empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable groups like veterans and homeless families. Toner is a member of the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project as well as the Pennsylvanian Salvation Army. Using his skills and resources, he has transformed the society.

Currently, Jim Toner works with different partners where he offers coaching services to private clients. His coaching services in the real estate market have proved to be useful in transforming the economic lives of his clients. He holds that learning from others and creating professional links can be helpful in understanding market dynamics. Likewise, one can attain a competitive market in the market as compared to other investors. In short, Jim Toner has made enormous contributions in both the society and real estate sector in the USA.


Crucial Information About Sahm Adrangi

The Vancouver-raised Sahm Adrangi graduated from Yale University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He tried short stints in several newspapers such as taking an internship at the Financial Post but he proved clearly too tentative to be a reporter. In his early 30s he became the hedge-fund manager and became a member of Canadian exclusive club of aggressive short-sellers which aimed Chinese-based companies which were in a list of North American exchanges where he ripped millions during that period.

Before founding his Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in New York, Sahm Adrangi worked in many institutions as an analyst. They include Longacre management Fund, Restructuring Investment Banking Group, and the Laveraged Investment baking of Deutsche Bank. Experiences and skills acquired from his previous employers enabled his company to quickly build a track record of identifying suspect companies, purchasing substantial short positions in them and going for the kill after gathering enough evidence to prove their fraudulent.

Sahm Adrangi started Kerrisdale with migger funds from his own savings and a support from his parent’s investments and a contribution from a few supporters and friends. Since initiation, he has built a multi-million empire in terms of assets under his management with a staff comprising of six people.

This career of bursting corporate fraud companies started with just a phone call with Mr. John Bird, a retired real estate developer based in Texas who in 2009 had in hand the financial statements of Chinese firms such as the China Sky One medical, a maker of diet patches and hemorrhoid ointments. Numerous communication through phone calls made Adrangi to believe independently what Mr. Bird was telling him, this compelled Adrangi’s short –selling taking off.

Most Chinese companies make the list of Sahm Adrangi’s major targets for scrutiny. Company such as China Education Alliance Inc. had a net worth of $150million in terms of market value on the New York State Exchange but now worth less than $25-million after discovering the company’s fake training centers designed for 1200 students was practically null. Others appearing on the list of scrutiny include China Biotics Inc. dealing with production of nutritional supplements among others.

In conclusion, Sahm Adrangi and his team is determined to pursue legal options in Canada, the United States, and China to recover any potential damages resulting from illegal operations.

The Road to Recovery of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert based out of New York and London. She wrote an article on Medium post about her road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

It took Victoria Doramus to hit rock bottom for her to realize that she needed help to overcome her addiction. It all began in 2011 when she went to rehab for the first time at the age of 26 years. The rehab was based in Tucson Arizon, the decision to go to a rehab came after her life became unmanageable and she succumbed to Adderall and cocaine abuse. After 45 days in rehab, she left and went back home. What Victoria Doramus did not know was that drug addiction is like a disease which cannot be cured overnight.

Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert, tried all means to get over her addiction. She changed cities and even her friends but none of these worked. She even went to rehab for a second time in Connecticut for 60 days but none of those helped. Her life moved from bad to worse. Her situation worsened when she became out of control to the point that she had lost her family and friends. She tried to get rid of her loneliness by getting herself higher. Doramus would even go to the extent of inducing herself to psychosis with amphetamine pills.

Her breakthrough came in 2017 when she flew to Austin, Texas to seek long-term treatment. The treatment center in Dallas was tough but that is what Doramus (@victoriadoramus) needed to get her life together. From waking up early, doing house chores and meetings with peers, slowly by slowly the life of Vitoria became transformed. After a few months at the facility, Victoria was able to get her life back together. She left the institution and currently she is working with an NGO that helps drug addicts. See Victoria’s career history here.