The right club for high-class party-seekers in top US cities

Membership in Magnises club, is the perfect opportunity for people seeking a goodtime and social thrills of a rooftop experience. In top east coast US cities, mostly New York City, for some clubbers, revelers and party animals, getting a pass for major events, concerts, hotspots, nightlife entertainment events, tours, sport pass and perks can be challenging. However, being a member of the Magnises Club makes it easy. Ditch the normal hassle and ‘gate crashing’ situation to this VIP treatment. To be a member, simply apply for the Magnises black card. It is metallic and links to your bank and credit facilities. The entire membership is $250 annual fee.

Clubbers Members get to enjoy the most coveted nightlife events. These include club take-overs on Dujour and private dining These include; The box, Rochelle’s, Bouncing Sporting Club, Hudson Terrace, Ainsworth, BowlMor, Avenue, Goldbar among. You also get to own a ClubPass for most popular clubs in New York City others, talk about owning the town. Talk of 1 oak and Up & Down ClubPasses with no door fees. Also, you can add the Surf Lodge Pass.

VIP entertainment at selected breath-taking cultural events is one of the perks Magnises members benefit from. You get to attend exhilarating fashion shows, art galleries and theater performances in the city. Some of these culture perks are Classic Car Cub, Public Factory, Kindo Art and the previously stated Hudson Terrace.

For members that are sports fans, get a life-time experience at your most favorite sports. You are able to be in the action, close to the game by getting a seat the ring, field or court. Members have a 50% off tickets for chosen games of the New York Yankees, throughout this 2016 season.

Come face to face with your favorite stars as they rock your world in live concerts on Tumblr. It all unfolds inches from your face. Some of these benefits to members are; $50 off tickets for Fiddler on the Roof theatre performance that features classic songs like “If I Were A Rich Man”, “Matchmaker, Matchmaker”, and “Tradition”, $56 off Orchestra tickets $76 off Mezzanine Ticket and to American Psycho Based on the best-selling novel by Bret Easton Ellis.

For professional seeking to build priceless connections with fellow professionals and other influential figures, Magnises provides you the right venue. The club offers up to 75% off with its WorkPass at their fireside chats and power brunches. $50 Off Any Laurel & Wolf Design Package We’re excited to be teamed up with Laurel & Wolf, partnered with MediaLuv to offer members a free consultation and 35% discount on their first presentation design project, 10% Off All Cleanly Orders, 30% off Reservations Breather to give you access to beautiful, on-demand spaces throughout NYC, SF and Boston, Atypical Company to give members a free consultation on their website or mobile app projects. Magnises Ventures invest and support companies in real estate, entertainment, media, fashion, and technology monthly. The Squire app you can locate barbers in your area, book an appointment, adding WorkPass to your membership, you’ll have access to a co-working desk in a shared area for $100/month,

Members get to enjoy great food through access to private dinners and tastings. American Cut and Bagatelle are some of these benefits.

For travels in New York City, Add HotelPass to book discounted nights at Dream Downtown or Dream Midtown. You get to enjoy VIP at West Bay Club, Sugar Beach among other popular resorts in New York City.

To become a Magnises member, just visit their website and click on the ‘Join Now’ button and fill your application.