ClassDojo May Be the Future of the Education Tech Business


When I think of Classdojo I think of the word “innovation.” ClassDojo is changing the way teachers and parents communicate. The times of parents teacher meeting are in jeopardy of becoming extinct thanks to ClassDojo.


Since the company was founded in 2011 it has dedicated itself to connecting teachers and parents so that parents can be as up to date as possible on their children’s performance in the classroom. Its new app has the potential to makes all its dreams a reality. It has raised over $21 million in venture funding in support of its new app.


The whole purpose of the app is to keep teachers and parents connected on a more consistent basis. Class Dojo feels there has been to much disconnect between teachers and parents throughout the years, and that its new app can help solve that problem. In the past parent teacher meeting were the only way for teachers and parents to stay in contact and have discussions about a student. With how advanced technology has become that is no longer the only option.


The problem with parent teacher meetings is that they only occur once a semester. It can be hard to cram all the information from a semester into one meeting. Problems like this is why parent teacher meeting are in danger of being obsolete.


ClassDojo is still in the act of expanding and growing its team and presence in classrooms. The app it is developing is still very much in the early stages, as the company has yet to settle on which features and what content the app will entail. ClassDojo wants to make sure it only includes features that both teachers and parents find useful during the school day, as well as in the comfort of their home.


According to the founders of ClassDojo, the company is growing because it fills a very real need in education. There have been other companies similar to ClassDojo, but where it separates itself from other education tech businesses is that it focuses on other aspects of education besides creating digital curriculum, grade books and testing platforms. Instead it focuses on creating a longtime relationship between teachers, students, and parents.


ClassDojo is currently on the rise. It is reported to be used by more than 80,000 teachers spread across America. Things are looking good for the startup despite having not generated revenue as of now.