“Graeme Holm And Infinity Group Australia Celebrate BIG Industry Award. “

The financial sector is probably as competitive and cutthroat as any industry that there is. It can be incredibly hard for even the best companies to separate themselves from the rest of the pack for a long enough time to establish their name. With that being said, Australia’s own Infinity Group Australia has managed to do just that — in a big, big way. Infinity Group Australia was established by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker as a debt-reduction company that focused on helping Australia’s citizens get in control of their finances. The company was first founded in 2013 and after just five years they managed to secure one of the most prestigious awards in the industry: a ranked spot on Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies.   Australian Financial Review, or AFR for short, is one of the leading financial publications that services both New Zealand and Australia. For the past seven years, the Australian Financial Review has been releasing a Top 100 list for the Most Innovative Companies in their entire region. Their list is typically comprised of the best of the best that the region has to offer, putting a spotlight on those companies that are combining great work with an impact on their community. More than a thousand companies are considered for the list every year and of that pile of companies, only 100 ever end up reaching the publication which is then distributed to more than 1.8 million readers.   Infinity Group Australia managed to score the 58th spot on the AFR’s annual list which skyrockets them right into the top 5% or 6% of companies in the entire nation. This prestigious spot shows that not only is Infinity Group Australia making a difference in their industry but that they are doing it at an incredible rate and level. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker have been hard at work in order to earn this type of recognition and they were in attendance at the 2018 AFR Awards in order to accept their accomplishment. At the awards gala, Walker and Holm were quick to redirect any credit straight back to their team whom they cited as passionate and enthusiastic about their work.   Graeme Holm didn’t stumble into the debt-reduction industry on accident. He had spent more than 15 years working in the major banking sectors of Australia before he finally had enough of the industry. His problem was that he had grown cynical with the work. Rather than working to help customers, he was instead directed to push customers toward specific products. Holm felt that the best way to help the world was to shift focus and actually try and help individual Australian’s by becoming their ‘financial coach’ on all matters of debt. Learn more: http://blogwebpedia.com/the-client-first-approach-to-finance-graeme-holm-and-infinity-group-australia.html#.WzE4YKlOlmA