The contributions of Sheldon Lavin in the growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is an experienced food production expert. Having worked for decades in the meat and processing industry. Mr. Lavin currently serves as a chairperson and a CEO in the OSI group, one of the largest food processing company in the United States. With his leadership skills, he has shown great determination and ambition that has helped in transforming a small local burger business to a world-leading brand and a supplier of food products. Having majored in banking as a career, Mr. Lavin’s has transferred his skills to OSI industries, which was formally known as Otto and Sons Company.

The OSI Group of companies majorly deals with the custom processing of protein food for wholesale, retail distributors, and small businesses. The OSI Company was founded in the year 1910 by Otto kolschowsky as a small patty distributor. Since that time, the company has continued to grow into a largest privately owned business in America. Furthermore, it has spread to more than sixteen countries in the world with 66 facilities, it currently employees more than 25,000 employees from different parts of the world. In the year 1970, Mr. Sheldon Lavin took over the leadership of OSI Company. He has always ensured a steady rise in the expansion of the company, and he has always insisted on keeping it that way. Because of his skills in leadership, the Chicago business community awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Furthermore, a year later Sheldon Lavin was presented with another award called Global Visionary Award in September 2006 by Vision World Academy from India. He is a devoted person and has always aimed at inspiring the next generation of people to be good leaders and care for the welfare of everyone. In his company, many of his employees have stated that they do not believe there is an employer that cares much about his employee’s welfare as he does. He envisions all his employees in the company as one family; this has created harmony and happiness among his employees. This is one of his many tips towards his success. Sheldon Lavin has no any plan of retiring soon since he wants to keep the company driving towards glory.

Wes Edens’ Career In Fortress Investment Decision

Educational Background

Wes Edens Holds A B.S In Business Administration And Finance From The University Of Oregon. He Deals With Esports, Private Equity Investment As Well As Different Kind Of Businesses. Wes Edens Is An American Co-Founder Of The Fortress Investment Group. His Passion For Esports Has Propelled Him To The Point Of Owning A Sports Team Call Fly Quest. Wes Edens Is Also A Co-Owner Of A National Basketball Association Called Milwaukee Bucks’.


The Onset Of Wes Edens’ Career Started Off At Leyhem Brothers In 1987. Here, He Worked As A Managing Director And A Vital Partner Of The Company. Later, He Decided To Join The Blackrock From 1993 To 1997 Still As A Partner And A Managing Director.

Developing Fortress Investment Decision

Wes Edens Opted To Build His Career, And He Partnered With Five Other People To Form The Fortress Investment Group. The Fortress Investment Group Was Founded In 1998 By Robert(Rob) Kauffman, Michael Edward(Mike) Peter (Pete) Briger And Wes Edens. Wes Edens’ Investment Style Constitutes Contrarian Bets, Financing Creatively As Well As Converting Investments Into A Profit-Making Venture. The Five Principals Of Fortress Investment Group Decided To Make A Public Offer Making The Organisation Go Public. They Sold 8% Of The Shares For $600 Million Hence Increasing Their Wealth Immensely. They Later Sold 15% Of Their Shares To A Japanese Company Called Nomura Holding. The Buying Of The Stocks For $888 Million Triggered The Five Principles To Become Paper Billionaires.Wes Edens Was Then Promoted To Become The Co-Chairman Of The Company In 2009. Despite The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Occurring, Wes Edens Intervened To Help The Fortress Investment Group With The Introduction Of Subprime Lending. Wes Edens Was Then Appointed To Become The Chairman Of The Fortress Transportation And Infrastructure Investors LLC. It Was During This Period When The Formation Of Esports Flyquest. Recently Flyquest Has A League Of Legends.


Wes Edens Currently Runs The Private Equity Business Of Fortress, And He Was The Critical Principal Behind The Buying Of The American General Finance. This Move Catalysed The Fortress Team To Become The Primary Stakeholder Of The Springleaf Financial Services. Wes Edens Was Then Awarded The King Of Subprime Lending After The Wise Decision He Made. Today, Fortress Owns And Operates Springleaf Since August 2010 To Develop A Financial Services Business.Nationstar Mortgage Is A Home Equity Mortgage Lender That Often Performs Its Operations In The United States Of America. Wes Edens Bags Approximately $54 M Per Financial Year.

Forest Investment Group LLC, acquired by Japanese company making history

December 28th 2017, SoftBank Group Corp, the Japanese based international holdings and investment firm finalized a deal to purchase Forest Investment Group LLC. Forest Investment Group LLC made history being the first publicly traded buyout company, when founder and Co-chairman Wes Edens initiated the company’s initial public offering on the 9th of February 2007. Forest Investment Group LLC initial public offering valued the stock shares at $18.5 per share, opened the 1st day of trading at $35 per share. Now Forest Investment Group LLC made history again becoming the very first hedge company delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. The last day of trading for Forest Investment Group LLC, the stock price closed at $7.85 per share. SoftBank Group Corp adds, Forest Investment Group LLC to its already diverse portfolio of subsidiary and investment companies. SoftBank Group Corp is one the largest technology investment firms in the world. SoftBank Group Corp has partnerships with Apple Incorporated and other tech giants as part of their plan for a $97 billion Vision Fund.

SoftBank Group Corp recently announced plans to invest $10 billion in Uber, the ride sharing company. The deal to acquire Forest Investment Group LLC calls for all Class A stocks being valued and cashed at $8.08 per share. Also as part of the merger all financial statement information from Forest Investment Group LLC financial statements will be shown as part of SoftBank Group Corp’s.Forest Investment Group LLC is a diversified finance and international investment firm. Forest Investment Group LLC manages over $36 billion assets. Forest Investment Group LLC represents the financial and investment interests of over 1,700 private sector investors. Founded in 1998, by Wesley Edens, Randy Alan Nardone, and Peter Briger. Forest Investment Group LLC services invenstment management, property and real-estate management, insurance risk, and technology solutions.In 2006, Forest Investment Group LLC bought Canadian ski resort, the largest resort in North America.

That same in 2006 Forest Investment Group LLC, bought RailAmerica Inc. for $16.35 per share. May 2007, Forest Investment Group LLC bought Florida East Cost Industries (FECI). Forest Investment Group LLC portfolio for their private equity portfolio consist of over 15 companies. October 2015, Forest Investment Group LLC acquired yet another company, this time it was Inverness Corners Retail Center.Wes Edens, chairman and founder of Forest Investment Group LLC, said they are pleased with the purchase of Forest Investment Group LLC, by SoftBank Group Corp. SoftBank Group Corp founder Masayoshi Son assured the merger will not affect the day to day functions and responsibilities of Forest Investment Group LLC and their clients can expect the same service and business culture to continue as this is what has made Forest Investment Group LLC, the success it is today. The principals Wesley Edens, Randy Alan Nardone, and Peter Briger all expressed the pleasure with the merger and looking forward to not have to make earning calls. Forest Investment Group LLC will function as a private company based in New York at SoftBank Group Corp headquarters.

Vincent Parascandola’s Exemplary Leadership With AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is a prestigious official pioneer. He lives in New York City. Vincent is AXA Advisors’ senior official VP. The monetary guide has more than 30 years of involvement in the protection business. Throughout the years, he has increased essential business and administration abilities. Vincent Parascandola has serious information in domain arranging, resource administration, life coverage, retirement arranging, and monetary administrations.

According to Rocket Reach, the business pioneer is an alum of Pace University’s Lubin School of organizations. Throughout the years, he has worked for some associations. Vincent rendered his administrations for MONY Group by working in different positions, including being a VP, deals chief, and budgetary expert. Parascandola has likewise worked for Prudential Insurance as an operator for a long time. Vincent was likewise a framework examiner at the Irvin Trust Company for a long time.

Since joining AXA USA, Vinny has worked in different positions, including being the main deals officer, leader of the Continental division, and the senior official VP. He joined the organization in 2005. At AXA USA, the business pioneer is responsible for several budgetary experts situated in the tri-state area. Vincent Parascandola is likewise accused of the obligation of guaranteeing the smooth stream of operations for AXA Advisors and the accomplishment of its business methodologies. Likewise, Vinny directs the enlistment of new workers to the organization.

Vincent Parascandola’s visionary authority has helped AXA to prevail in the aggressive protection advertise. The protection holding organization offers a wide scope of administrations, including money related administrations through its numerous backups. The independently– run branches have overwhelmed numerous neighborhood markets and raised AXA to be a worldwide brand. The organization’s reality class items and administrations have seen the brand develop by more than 14 percent over the most recent eight years. It was likewise recorded as one of the three driving brand all around.

AXA has been in the protection business for more than 200 years. The organization was established as Mutuelle de L’assurance with dynamic operation in France. Afterward, the organization extended its administrations to numerous eastern European countries previously going worldwide. In the USA, the organization infiltrated the market by obtaining Equitable Company. This procurement saw the organization change its name from AXA to AXA Equitable. Visit Vimeo for more info.