OSI Industries Strengthens Its Presence In The European Market

OSI Industries, a reputable food processing company with a strong global presence, has recently elevated its production capacity in Spain. OSI Industries Spain facility successfully increased its production of processed chicken products and made upgrades to the facility and its security, production, and storage areas.

Since its inception in 1909, OSI Industries has invested heavily towards delivering unparalleled customer experience and cutting-edge food product manufacturing. Through a deep commitment to research and development, the company’s innovative production plants and test kitchens have managed to deliver a wide array of popular food products to the global market. OSI opened the Spain facility to cater to the rapidly increasing demand for chicken products across Spain and Portugal. The sales of chicken products over the past decade have recorded an average annual growth of 6 percent, with the numbers skyrocketing in recent years.

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Project Details

OSI spent €17 million to upgrade its production facility in Toledo, Spain. The upgrade saw the production volume of chicken products increase from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year, resulting in a cumulative production volume of 45,000 tons of meat products annually. It also led to the addition of 22,600 square feet to the production facility. Now, the facility has the following new spaces:

• A production hall
• Storage areas
• Social areas for workers
• Refrigerated areas for storage of waste containers
• Service areas
• Shipping and reception area

OSI Industries in Brief

OSI Industries has diversified operations throughout the globe, including over 20,000 workers at over 65 modern facilities in 17 nations. In 2016, the Forbes Magazine listed this food-processing powerhouse as one of the most prominent private U.S. enterprises, ranking at position 58 with a net worth of $6.1 billion.

The food-processing giant entered an acquisition spree in 2016. The company bought a Chicago-based food processing facility known as Tyson Foods in June 2016. This purchase was in line with OSI’s expansion efforts to meet the constantly rising needs and expectations of its large client base. In August 2016, OSI purchased a controlling stake in Netherlands-headquartered Baho Food. According to President David McDonald, this acquisition has allowed OSI to strengthen its presence in the European Market.

Europe Tastes Quality, As OSI Expands

Rather than replace and overcome, OSI Industries opts to absorb and adapt, as they aquire the Dutch producer Baho Foods in a recent purchase, greatly expanding their reach and range of products across Europe. This acquisition is not just any corporate takeover as Baho is brought into the fold, not led to the slaughter.

OSI seems to be returning to their faithful well of integration, employing their vast logistical network to transform Baho Foods from its singular status, into another the many high quality providers of OSI. Bringing new standards of quality, OSI provides the resources to their newest acquisition, to transform them into a proud gem in the corporate crown of OSI. This recent and sensational acquisition is actually not the first, in recent times. OSI has made similar advancements and acquisitons across several European nations, such as Spain and Britain, with the purchase of Flagship Europe, another food producer, which has only blossomed since its turnover to OSI. Baho Foods seems more of a done deal than a specualtion on improvement, as it is only to be expected that this newest member will follow the footstep of its brethren in rising to the occasion, and representing another step in a proud tradition of improvement and excellence.

This excellence, has not gone unnoticed either, as the markets and host nations happily recognize and reward the superlative performance of OSI. Privately owned and international, Forbes recognizes OSI Industries as 58th in a list of the wealthiest private businesses, spanning across every industry and nation. This booming success is seen not only in expansions, acquisitions, but in the bottom dollar as well. More than money though, OSI is the proud owner of numerous rewards and recognitions for their excellent performance, even receiving the 2016 Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council, for it tireless service as a model for maintaining the health and safety of its employees and customer. Even then, the list goes on, as OSI has been congratulated on even the impressive upward mobility and opportunity withing their own business.

With OSI, the standards of non-discrimination and fairness required by law are not only met, but far surpassed, as they set for themselves a higher standard than “good enough”, in an effort to assure the lives of their tireless dedicated employees are as high quality as their products.

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OSI Group Acquires Baho Foods And A Lot More

OSI Group, one of the world’s biggest foodservice companies, has been on a roll lately in terms of acquisitions. Based in Aurora, Illinois, the company has been doing business since 1909. Their beginnings are surprisingly humble. OSI was originally a meat market and butcher shop in Chicago. It was called Otto And Sons, as it was operated by founder Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. The company received their big break when it was selected by McDonald’s as its original supplier of ground beef. This led to a huge expansion for the company. This expansion is why OSI made the recent list of the world’s top 100 food companies.

Their latest acquisition is a beef slaughter operation in Germany that has enjoyed a long lasting and close relationship with farmers in the region wherein it is based. This is part of why OSI chose to purchase Hynek Schlachthof for an undisclosed sum last year. Also, having a slaughterhouse so close to the farms is a great asset for any meat company to acquire. Eric Schottl, the managing director of OSI Europe, said that the buy was part of a larger company effort to expand into Europe, and that this acquisition would help provide the raw materials needed. As you will see, most of the purchases made by OSI lately have been consistent with this goal.

The year before that, they bought Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a UK-based foods company specializing in frozen goods. The company had been owned by Flagship Foods out of Denver, Colorado, before being purchased by OSI Group. They have since renamed Flagship as Creative Foods Europe. Earlier that same year, OSI completed a huge expansion when they bought a controlling stake in dutch food company Baho Foods Group. This adds to their growing portfolio. Baho was a very large and well-established company, having done business for over 60 years in many countries throughout Europe.

Also in 2016, OSI Group bought a Tyson food processing plant in Chicago for about seven million dollars. OSI didn’t publicly state very much about this buy, but they did say that the plant was selected for its close proximity to their existing Chicago facility. Before that, they opened up a new regional office in Germany. All in all, they had an extremely busy year.

One thing we can see is that when they acquire a company, they normally keep the existing management structure in place and allow the company to go on doing business as usual. From this, we can see that they only buy healthy and profitable companies.

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OSI Industries: Reinventing Professional Foodservices

Professional foodservices has been around for a very long time. Most grocery stores and restaurants order their food products via food service providers. Though there is a small percentage of food retailors who provide their own production of foods, the majority of the field uses food providers to fill the shelves with products. The United States is home to one of the top foodservice providers of all-time, and it’s known as OSI Industries. If the name isn’t too familiar, this particular company also goes by the name of OSI Group. It’s an Illinois-based food service company that has numerous specialties. This company produces and sells food products, it creates custom foods, and it handles the entire logistical process of the business.

OSI Industries seems to be in a class of its own. There are literally more than 20,000 employees here. Of course, the employees are spread-out across 17 different countries. The numbers are simply staggering to some degree, but it’s 100 percent true. OSI produces a large number of standard foods such as:

• Fritters

• Meatballs

• Cheese

• Cooked Sausage Links

• Steak

• Cookies

• Beef Patties

• Hotdogs

• Tofu

• Panini

• Pizza

• Flatbread

• Tomatoes

• Pot Roast

• And many more

The number of foods is nearly endless and it would take all day to name each and every one of them. This company also has a large presence in China. OSI Industries has been conducting business here for over two decades. The explosion in China’s economy is a direct reflection of OSI’s presence, and the company has up to 10 factories. Some of the factories are innovative feed mills, and others are high volume production plants. All in all, this short article can’t do the company any justice, but just know that OSI Industries has reinvented professional food services of the new millennium.

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OSI Industries The Meat Producing Machine You May Have Never Heard Of

To remain competitive in the meat processing industry many companies rely on branding, commercials, and name recognition. OSI Industries has gone a different route. The Illinois based American company OSI Industries has decided that instead of brand recognition they are going to focus on production output. This move was a little psychic, as the meat industry booms happened and meat production is at an all-time high, OSI is still focusing on producing massive amounts of products at reasonable prices.

Recently OSI has made even more upgrades to their production capabilities. In America, OSI recently purchased food plant from Tyson — an industry competitor — for the sum of $7.4 million. This aggressive deal will see OSI add another factory to their Chicago line. Immediately after the purchase, OSI equipped the factory to increase production of not only chicken but allow pork and beef products to be produced in the factory. OSI, in line with keeping satisfied customers and employees, chose to retain the employees working in the factory and retrained them to meet OSI Industry standards.

Across the ocean, OSI Industries is also making some major product upgrades. Perhaps the most impressive upgrade of recent has been in their Toledo, Spain factory. The Toledo factory is an important factory for OSI. It’s in a key area in Europe and has footholds on important European market areas. OSI decided that instead of building a new factory, which could be costly as well as require intricate new network line, OSI would not just increase the production capabilities of the Toledo factory, it would double it.

In the area of Toledo demand for chicken products had increased by over 8 percent per year, which led OSI to expand the Toledo factory. The 22,000 square feet addition to the factory will not only add additional factory footage it will also add a recreational area for employees and a product development kitchen to help meet rising consumer demands. The overall production addition to the factory is an additional 12,000 tons. This lets the factory produce over 24,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef products every year.

OSI’s focus on production has set them apart from the competition. This focus on production has made OSI Industries major players in the meat industry. Their prediction about the future of meat and the lack of necessity for aggressive brand recognition have earned them one of the top spots on The Top 100 Food Companies list. A position which OSI is looking like it’s going to keep.

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