Chris Burch Buys Nihiwatu to Provide Affordable Leisure Activities in Sumba Island

Chris Burch has made a name for himself in the fashion industry. Known as the fashion mogul, Chris is prominent for marrying fashion and technology. The dynamic entrepreneur recently made news headlines after purchasing a hotel in an island. After founding well-established businesses in the retail industry, Burch is moving his passion to a new industry in hospitality. In 2012, Burch and James McBride invested in the beach hostel located in Indonesia. After the purchase, they invested in its renovation by spending $30 million. In 2015, the hotel was reopened and given a new name, Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu means the edge of darkness. A year into operation, Nihiwatu was named the best hotel for travel and leisure. This was in 2016.


When Nihiwatu was launched in 2015, Chris Burch was interviewed by Business Jet Traveller. Asked why he bought Nihiwatu, his answer was astonishing. He bought the island as a present to his children. This was his way of giving back. Chris stated that when someone finds a place so beautiful on earth, it is important for them to make good use of the site by investing in it. To Chris, the spas and waterfalls in Nihiwatu offer great scenery for rest and leisure. The place has offered more good than he expected when he was investing in it. According to reports by the journal of Wall Street, Burch spends most of his time in Nihiwatu and Miami.  Additional reading on


The island has 27 private villas. One of the villas is Raja Mendaka. Burch spends most of his time in this villa. It has swimming pools and four additional villas. Each villa has a private plunge pool. Before Chris invested in the hotel, the island was abandoned by the natives. There were barely activities in that area of Sumba. Apart from surfing, there were no rooms or hotels for leisure. Currently, the resort has over 100 surfers. The rules of surfing offer safety and protection to users. This is by allowing in only ten surfers at a time. The management of Nihiwatu offers surf lessons. The sessions are customized to the intensity of an individual’s experience. Related articles on

 Burch’s Profile

Chris Burch is an entrepreneurial executive. The founder of Burch Creative Capital is famous for employing his talent and business ideas in the fashion industry. Under his leadership at Burch Creative Capital, the company’s philosophy in investment expresses entrepreneurial values and mission. Burch’s vision for new opportunities in the market offers a great impact on the lives of consumers. For more of Burch timeline activities and more, hit this.

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