Dr. Richard Shinto and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides Lead Innovacare Health to Improve Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Program

In the United States, one of the companies, which work together with the government on healthcare plans, is Innovacare, Inc. Innovacare is an innovative healthcare organization whose corporate office is in New Jersey. The company has two other subsidiaries namely MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., which operate in Puerto Rico. Through these companies, Innovacare, Inc. has made a tremendous effort to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico. Since the destruction of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, the island has been in need of extensive medical care, and that is why InnovaCare has worked round the clock on the same.


Through the Government’s Health Plan that involves innovative medical technology and therapeutic services to patients, InnovaCare Health together with other providers has made the plan successful. Regarding this, InnovaCare Health rated the highest provider under the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Additionally, Puerto Rico government awarded the company with the NCQA accreditation. Innovacare is the only health care provider to achieve such an award. The company has reached this level through the leadership of Mr. Richard Shinto who is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer. The two are well-recognized people with high experience in managerial and medical fields.

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Having worked under the Medicaid and Medicare programs, Ms. Kokkinides has boosted the collaboration of Innovacare Health and the government through her experience hence the success of the health plan, reveals Bloomberg. Ms. Kokkinides has worked at Centerlight Health Care as the Vice President and Touchstones Health as the Chief Operating Officer. At Americhoice’s Care and Disease Management docket, she has worked as the Corporate Vice President. Dr. Rich Shinto, who is a highly respected person in medical care docket, on the other hand, is not new in the healthcare field.


At Aveta, Inc., he worked as the CEO of the MMM Healthcare Plan. Other areas he has worked include Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Pathways Management Company and Med Partners. He has reformed the InnonavaCare Health’s payment system that has shifted from quantity to quality. The combination of managerial experience of Ms. Penelope Kokkinides and Dr. Rich Shinto has indeed helped Innovacare, Inc. to offer the desired medical help to residents of Puerto Rico. Dr. Richard Shinto and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides lead Innovacare Health to improve Puerto Rico’s healthcare program. Their input will never be forgotten and will have a long lasting impact.


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Rediscover Yourself with Jeunesse Global

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse is a well-established health and wellness firm that aims to solve age-related troubles in people of all ages. The company was given its first heartbeat by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, who at the time had forged great successes in their own entrepreneurial pursuits but wanted to realize a dream greater than themselves. The duo put their heads together and funded Jeunesse into being, and they’ve since pulled a respectable following (the “Jeunesse Family”) to show for their research and development into cutting-edge wellness products.

Why It Works

Jeunesse’s cornerstone achievement is the creation of the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which breaks down into several product lines. Each line is focused on a unique area of the human body and the age-related problems that tend to affect that area; as such, the administration of the products as well as their composition varies by regimen. You can choose to buy the entire system or just one particular product line.

The reason Y.E.S. works so well is a matter of a few frank realizations that Randy and Wendy came to terms with many moons ago:

  1. Natural is the way of the body, and the body is the most powerful tool to heal its own ailments with.
  2. The reason the body struggles to correct its own ailments today owes to the highly unnatural lifestyles that we’ve taken on in the contemporary lens of sedentary living, overexposure to radiation-producing technology and the overabundance of harmful free radicals.
  3. Drugs are sometimes necessary but not always the first or final answer to our aches, pains and tiredness.

All nine regimens of Y.E.S. are all-natural and proprietary to Jeunesse’s research division, which has refined their offerings over the years to expand upon their effectiveness. You can find a product line for everything from insomnia, lethargy and cognitive dysfunction to fitness woes, chronic immunodeficiency and more. While the products appear to be aimed at the older crowd, they’re great for people of all ages; however, Y.E.S. is not a replacement for doctor-prescribed medication and shouldn’t be used to treat serious conditions.


Waiakea Water: Naturally Alkaline and Fully Sustainable

In 2018 something truly revolutionary will happen and it is something that many of us have been clamoring to happen for years. In our fast-paced world, grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge has always been much easier than refilling an eco-friendly bottle time after time, as well is finding a proper source to ensure that water we refill our bottles with is pure and alkaline balanced. In 2018 the disruptive water brand Waiakea Volcanic Water will be releasing the first ever fully degradable water bottle. In addition, these bottles will also be designed using plastic that is 100% recyclable.

While many bottled waters on today’s market claim to be degradable, the truth is that they typically degrade on an average of 1,000 years from the time that they are disposed of. Additionally, while they say that they are recyclable, even the caps are not fully recyclable and can add up, causing massive damage to the environment. The new water bottle from Waiakea will be a wonderful way to enjoy a bottle of water on the go without having to sacrifice your goal of being environmentally conscious.

While, the truly degradable bottle is making headlines, what is inside the bottle is equally as wonderful. Waiakea is Hawaiian Volcanic Water and is one of the purest forms of water that exists on Earth. The water is bottled at the source of an inactive volcanic mountain in Hawaii that automatically replenishes itself with over 1.4 billion gallons of water each day, meaning that it is fully sustainable. The water comes out of the volcanic spring and travels over thousands of feet of volcanic rock before reaching the source where it is bottled. During the time that the water, which is already completely pure, travels down the volcanic rock it is naturally picking up a wealth of vitamins and minerals. The volcanic water benefits are incredible for our system. For example, Waiakea water PH level is incredibly alkaline, and while many waters claim to make your body more alkaline, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is naturally alkaline thanks to the travel over volcanic rock, rather than containing additives that generate a better PH Level in your body.