CTCA Administrative & Hospitality Services Positions Are Available For Qualified Applicants

Most people wrongly assume that the fight against cancer is all about the treatment process. This is not true. Cancer patients must have funding to carry on this fight. They also need administrative  insurance support. These are just some of the different factors that influence how a person receives cancer treatment and how their recovery process will ultimately play out.

Administrative and Hospitality Service Positions are being offered at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA. This is a cancer fighting hospital network that provides it services for a profit. When it comes to fighting cancer, the CTCA is one of the premiere cancer treatment organizations in the United States. The facilities use updated cancer treatment options to maximize patient life expectancy. Medical staff at the CTCA has also been able to eliminate cancerous cells in some patients.

You might not think that a cancer treatment center would need a warehouse worker but think again. The equipment, medical supplies and even specific cancer fighting medications are often shipped to one of the five different Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals. Once these shipments arrive, a person will have to process them in before they can be delivered to the medical professionals for patient care. Warehouse Associate Reps are needed for this position.

Cancer is a disease that takes away life if treatment is not successful. People with cancer are trying to stay positive and keep their spirits up and a chaplain is the type of person they need to help with this task. Chaplain positions are also available at the CTCA. These individuals can provide spiritual guidance to patients who are struggling with the concept of death while they receive treatment for cancer. Various CTCA locations will post these positions according to their needs.

A Patient Access Advocate is needed to verify insurance for treatment and to figure out if a patient will need more coverage for treatment options. They can also help patients to find more insurance that will help to provide longer care. Again, people might think that the fight against cancer is just about the disease. While that is true; this fight is also about having enough funding to ensure that a victory can be achieved. Many patients are defeated in the fight against cancer because they simply do not have enough financial support to continue the struggle. These positions are available at the CTCA headquarters.

Driver are needed to transport patients to off-site locations when needed. Cooks and nutritionist positions are available for fixing meals for patients. These meals can be regular entrees or specialized foods that can be used in the fight against cancer. There are many other positions as well. Each of these positions provides patients with the support and help they need to make their fight against cancer a worthwhile effort.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: A Portrait of a Doctorprenuer

A licensed physician and surgeon in Georgia and Florida Dr. Mark McKenna is what one television show describes as a “Doctorpreneur”. For the last 17 years, Dr. McKenna has owned Shape Medical Wellness Center a practice specializing in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and weight loss.

Based in Atlanta GA Shape Medical Wellness Center’s team of doctors, dieticians, and nutritionist offer patients a custom designed weight loss program that fits their budget. The cosmetic treatments available at Shape Medical Wellness Center include Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm. All three products are nonsurgical approaches to smoothing facial lines and wrinkles.

Pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturer Allergan Inc. awards its Black Diamond Certification to recognize the most skilled physicians who use Allergan products. Less than one-percent of doctors working in the field of aesthetic medicine receive this certification. Dr. Mark McKenna is a multi-time recipient of Black Diamond Certification.

At the beginning of 2014, Dr. McKenna began franchising Shape Medical Wellness Center. That franchising effort is part of what makes him a “Doctorpreneur”. Dr. McKenna’s entrepreneurial endeavors aren’t limited to the field of medicine.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also a real estate developer. His company McKenna Venture Investments deals in turnkey business properties and real estate financing and closing services. In time Dr. McKenna would add Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. to his business holdings.

The three businesses provide employment for more than 50 people. Dr. McKenna was fresh out of medical school and working in his father’s practice when he got into real estate.

A graduate of Tulane University Medical School in his native Louisiana Dr. Mark McKenna has served on the boards of New Orleans Industrial Development and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He responded to the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina by building much needed low and moderate-income housing.

A devoted family man Dr. McKenna makes it a point to get up early enough to allow him to have breakfast with his daughter Milana Elle. He arranges his schedule to allow for dinner with wife Gianine, Milana Elle, and the family dog Ryder who Dr. McKenna also regards as his “child”.

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