OSI Industries The Meat Producing Machine You May Have Never Heard Of

To remain competitive in the meat processing industry many companies rely on branding, commercials, and name recognition. OSI Industries has gone a different route. The Illinois based American company OSI Industries has decided that instead of brand recognition they are going to focus on production output. This move was a little psychic, as the meat industry booms happened and meat production is at an all-time high, OSI is still focusing on producing massive amounts of products at reasonable prices.

Recently OSI has made even more upgrades to their production capabilities. In America, OSI recently purchased food plant from Tyson — an industry competitor — for the sum of $7.4 million. This aggressive deal will see OSI add another factory to their Chicago line. Immediately after the purchase, OSI equipped the factory to increase production of not only chicken but allow pork and beef products to be produced in the factory. OSI, in line with keeping satisfied customers and employees, chose to retain the employees working in the factory and retrained them to meet OSI Industry standards.

Across the ocean, OSI Industries is also making some major product upgrades. Perhaps the most impressive upgrade of recent has been in their Toledo, Spain factory. The Toledo factory is an important factory for OSI. It’s in a key area in Europe and has footholds on important European market areas. OSI decided that instead of building a new factory, which could be costly as well as require intricate new network line, OSI would not just increase the production capabilities of the Toledo factory, it would double it.

In the area of Toledo demand for chicken products had increased by over 8 percent per year, which led OSI to expand the Toledo factory. The 22,000 square feet addition to the factory will not only add additional factory footage it will also add a recreational area for employees and a product development kitchen to help meet rising consumer demands. The overall production addition to the factory is an additional 12,000 tons. This lets the factory produce over 24,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef products every year.

OSI’s focus on production has set them apart from the competition. This focus on production has made OSI Industries major players in the meat industry. Their prediction about the future of meat and the lack of necessity for aggressive brand recognition have earned them one of the top spots on The Top 100 Food Companies list. A position which OSI is looking like it’s going to keep.

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