Law In Brazil With Ricardo Tosto

For you to excel as a lawyer, you have to work hard to complete and pass the five-year course. After this, you are still not allowed to practice law until you do the bar examinations and pass as well. The bar association is very strict on the quality of education that lawyers get in the state. Besides the bar examination, they also audit the law schools regularly to ensure they reach the required standards. After becoming certified lawyer, the young lawyers have to work as interns for about six months to gain experience.

This explains why lawyers are among the most respected professions in nation. They are also in the bracket of the highly paid individuals in Brazil. The lawyers are a symbol of dedication, commitment, and hard work.
The people of Brazil did not have their legal system until the Portuguese existed their nation. The first thing they did after the colonizers left was establishing law schools in Sao Paulo, which explains why 30% of the attorneys in Brazil are from Sao Paulo.

Ricardo Tosto is among the most reputable lawyers in Brazil. His beginnings were humble. He began in a small law firm where he learned all the tricks of law. He later started his firm, which currently has more than 500 members. Ricardo Tosto is known for his diligence when working for his clients. He ensures that he gets them the best legal policies.

Ricardo Tosto aim is to ensure that his clients get the best there is to offer. He cannot represent each client in the firm; to ensure they get good services, Ricardo Tosto trains his associates to become great attorneys.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm is known for its capacity to take in cases that other firms are not willing to handle because of their complexity.

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