Welcoming New CEO Bernhardt To Manse Community

Farron Bernhardt is the new addition to the Manse on Marsh assisted living facility. CEO Bernhardt has over 30 years experience and brings extensive talent to the community. Leaving Nevada housing and Neighborhood Development, Farron hopes to build on the already award winning the reputation of the Manse. Most of the administration staff works really hard to answer questions, give tours, sign up new residents, bill insurance, and make sure to meet the guidelines for assisted living facilities. Farron will make sure the facility stays one of the best facilities in California and the United States.

The Manse on Marsh facility offers both independent living and assisted living flats, apartments, and suites. The Manse is located in the central coast area of Arroyo Granda, Paso Robles. The facility is beautifully landscaped offering walking sidewalks, hiking areas, and sit down areas for residents and visitors. The facility sits in the center of the city but it offers its own small shopping area within. Residents can visit the Bistro, the Movie theater, the library, and the beauty salon. There are also many different activities that the department schedules such as dinners, cookouts, trips, and socials. Transportation is available for anyone that desires a trip to the doctors or to go shopping downtown.

People visiting the San Luis Obispo area are sure to stop in and take a tour of the award-winning Manse on Marsh. The facility is happy to announce their high marks in the Assisted Living search online. The facility is lucky to have both independent living houses and suites or apartments in the building. The facility offers resident a full-service dining area with waitstaff and delicious gourmet meals. The residents also have the ability to sit outside and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with friends. One of the best things is the friendships people form in the facility. The ability to meet and greet people from the first day they move in gives them the ability to find lasting friendships immediately.

The Manse on Marsh is very happy to announce the new CEO and friend to their community. Farron Bernhardt will be a wonderful addition to the Manse family.