Clayton Hutson: Producer, Sound Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inspiration

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Clayton Hutson is an inspiration in the music industry. He is a producer and stage manager who was always interested in music, even as a young boy. He studied at both Central Michigan University and Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where he received a bachelor’s in theater design, and a master’s in business administration. After he finished school, Clay broke into the entertainment industry with positions like stage manager, project manager and sound engineer. He gained a great deal of experience working with other companies and was able to gain the right exposure to finally branch out and start his own company. His company’s services consist of production design and management, logistics management, and rigging.


For anyone, starting a business can be intimidating and sometimes doubtful, and Clayton Hutson’s experience was no exception. There were some days he felt doubtful and even had a major financial setback of over $150,000, but he kept moving forward everyday and was able to build an extremely profitable business. Clayton provides excellent service and goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients are satisfied and that he has done the best job possible. This shows through his work, and also through his continued success which he owes mostly to referrals from past clients to new ones. Most of the work he gets consistently is referral based which means he is doing a great job with his current group of clientele. One way he ensures a job well done is by checking and double checking the work done by him and the crew to make sure that everything goes correctly and smoothly during the show.


Hutson believes in the importance and power of hard work and his reputation of providing high quality work precedes him. He is set to join widely known pop star, Halsey in tour in Australia, and based on the many ups and downs he has seen during his years in the business, he is ready and prepared for anything that is thrown his way. The industry is very comparable to the chaotic energy that can go along with staging a tour, and Hutson is no stranger to ups and downs. This makes him even better at his job and helps to set him apart from the competition. Learn more: