Advice for A Positive Online Reputation

As companies become reliant on online reputations, a new industry has been designed to help any business improve their online reputation and to avoid any scandal or negative content from ruining the company. Recently on, Don Sorensen of the Big Blue Robot is giving free advice for companies that are looking to improve their online reputation. With over 13 years of experience in this industry, Mr. Sorensen is particularly keen on giving advice to small businesses that can rise or fall depending on the content.

Here are a few pointers to improve the online reputation.

1.) Be Active Online can help to clean up search results in order to present a clear and informative picture of the company. If there is already negative comments on Google, cleansing the first few pages may take a few months. With this in mind, be patient.

2.) Set Up Social Media Accounts

With over 7.3 billion people around the world, almost 3 billion use social media everyday. By setting up accounts with accurate information and with daily posts, any negative content will disappear. Being active on social media means that not only will negative content subside, but also revenue and the number of overall customers will greatly increase. This will also establish any business as being the leader of the company.

3.) Manage the Reviews

Reviews on Google receive a lot of traffic over the internet. To make this beneficial for a business, it is recommended to set up a social media account that also contains a tab for reviews. In order to prevent negative reviews from being written on this site, remind the customers of this company or brand to stay positive when posting content.

4.) Publish Online Press Releases

Constant press releases can often put this up as the number one page to click on upon the Google search. This will show how successful the company while also giving a bit of background about the company or about the CEO or the company.

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