Being A Leading Provider Is Securus Technologies

Being a leading provider is something that Securus Technologies takes with great value. With such a responsibility in the civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety. They investigate, and monitor with respect for the customer. There will be multiple reports that are released over a six month period that will show findings of wrongdoings by Global Tel Link. (GTL) The release of these reports, facts, and findings that will reveal integrity breaches by inmate communications of GTL. According to PR Newswire, this release is in regards that GTL will step up and improve their standards to a higher level of integrity.
Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technologies states that in this industry of service is held to high integrity and this business is more than just making money.

The first release is an Order No. U-20784-B by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) in regards of the GTL wrongdoings when the were in service to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and their provision of telecom services for inmates. PSC investigated GTL in depth and found:

  • GTL unlawfully added 15 to 36 seconds to the calls
  • GTL unlawfully programmed phones to rate calls with higher rates
  • GTL unlawfully inflated charges to its customers
  • GTL unlawfully double billed single calls deliberately

The four listed charges listed above resulted in overcharging Louisiana taxpayers $1,243,000. More information can be found at: Your text to link…

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas. They continue to serve over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correction facilities. They can include their service to over a million inmates throughout North America. It’s Securus’ commitment to
serve and provide emergency response. With several services that are covered like:

  • Biometric analysis and information management
  • Inmate kiosk for self serve
  • incident management and public information
  • Monitoring products and services

To see the full suite of civil and criminal justice technology solutions visit PR Newswire.

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