PSI Pay Allow Church Goers to Donate with Cashless Donation Terminals

PSI Pay is revolutionizing the way to transfer wealth and value even in churches where cashless donation terminals are established for churchgoers to donate to their church easily and conveniently with their cashless payment devices. In fact, the Church of England has allowed PSI Pay and Kerv to install terminals in 40 churches that allow their parishioners to utilize the new cutting-edge technology and become a pilot program for the utilization and universalization of the new way of giving to the church. When parishioners go to church they no longer have to bring their checkbooks, credit cards, cash or any other payment methods.

With the donation terminals, they can simply wave their hands over the terminal and make their donation easily and swiftly. PSI Pay continues to be the pioneer in the development of new technologies that make wealth transfer simple and convenient by establishing new technologies like the contactless ring payment option that allows individuals to make payments without using credit cards, cash, or any other physical means of purchasing.

Goods and services can easily be transferred without the collection of cash, the counting of cash, the reconciliation of credit card transactions, and other inefficient and cumbersome methods of payment. PSI Pay continues to push the frontier of this new technology and give opportunities for its affiliates to continue to grow and expand into the future with reckless abandon. The transactions utilized over this contactless infrastructure are both safe and reliable and is backed by MasterCard where they are a principal member of MasterCard and utilize the infrastructure and firewalls established by this reputable organization. Transactions at small delis, coffee shops, public transportation terminals and other daily general payment collection facilities allow individuals to easily and safely maneuver through checkout terminals without the extra steps and authorizations utilized with normal credit cards and cash transfers.

Now with the institution of contactless payment terminals within churches, individuals no longer have to carry cash, checks, and other physical forms of payment to make their charitable donations. They can simply wave their fingers and use their contactless payment ring to give to their worthy causes and continue providing their charitable donations with an ease and simplicity that can only be accomplished with this new revolutionary technology.

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