Rodrigo Terpins – Top Competitor in Off-Road Rallies

On 22 May, 2016, Rodrigo Terpins joined 88 other drivers at the Sao Paulo Cuesta Off-Road Rally. There was rough terrain that day as the area had experienced heavy rainstorms the day before. Though there had been storms, the day of the race was sunny. Even though the sun helped some, the terrain was still difficult to traverse. Terpins drove with a singular challenge. He was to drive 350 km of timed sections called Specials.

Rodrigo was not alone, however. He was a member of the Bull Sertões Team. At his side was navigator Beco Andreotti. The men drove their off-road vehicle, a T1 Prototype, T-Rex, #322. In this vehicle, they drove to a second-place finish.

Even with the impressive showing, Terpins was realistic in his interview after the race was over. He acknowledged that the team did not use the best equipment for the terrain; the tires were not appropriate for the road. Rain tires do not fare well on drier ground.

In the second of seven rallies, Rally dos Sertões, Rodrigo and his younger brother Michel both complete the competition in the Top-6 with Michel in fifth, and Rodrigo in sixth position. Michel drove with teammate Sven von Borries; Rodrigo drove with Fabricio Bianchini.

The terrain for the Rally dos Sertões was different than that of the Cuesta Off-Road Rally. The ground was drier, but the route was challenging due to dust in the air from the dry roads and complicated navigation on bridges. Even with the bridge radars, they were confident that the car would complete the competition.

Rodrigo Terpins, 41 years old, is the older of the two brother. He was pleased with his performance at the Rally dos Sertões and spoke as Michel did, that the variety of terrain was challenging but a good experience.

From the Rally dos Sertões, the drivers will travel to Minas Gerais and then Paracatu. They will face a total 360km. Of the 360, 209km will be timed. The final day of the rally is run in Belo Horizonte.

Rodrigo Terpins follows in his father’s footsteps in love of Rally sport. Jack Terpins, Rodrigo and Michel’s father, is an entrepreneur as are his sons. He also has a passion for Rally sports. Like his father, Rodrigo Terpins shows total commitment to his endeavors. Check out Terra to know more.

The 7-race rally takes place in two states, over 22 days, and shows off Rodrigo Terpins’s talent as an off-road rally driver. His entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to rally racing both make him a strong competitor both on and off the road. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.

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