Omar Boraie Is the Real Estate Developer Who Can Do the Impossible

Omar Boraie is a true visionary who has seen the potential in New Brunswick. His dream, for tens of years, has been to develop a new development in the New Brunswick area, and, according to Central Jersey Working Moms, he is finally developing an upscale high quality development in The Aspire area. His dream has been to rebuild New Brunswick as people have been rebuilding parts of Europe. He wanted to turn the area from one where you could not walk after four in the afternoon to one which is upscale and high quality, and which is a beautiful place to live.

Let us look at an example of what Omar Boraie has done that is similar to his new plan. For example, you can look at his office building, which is located on the eighth floor of a gorgeous building. That block used to be just a set of twenty houses or so that were crumbling, old, decayed, and neglected. He decided to buy off all those houses, and then he set about on working to renovate them and build new houses in their stead. Some people did not believe what he was doing. However, Omar Boraie and Boraie Development were visionaries, and they managed to do what nobody thought was possible.

The buildings that Omar Boraie bought were simple office buildings that were built decades ago. They were there for storage space, and some of them had names like Tower One and Tower Two. Omar Boraie decided that he wanted to build a luxury residential building, and he did so. It turned out to be the highest building in the entire city, and it is twenty five stories high. It has over one hundred and twenty units for living, and it also has areas for stuff like office space, storage, and parking for vehicles.

People now believe that Omar Boraie is the man who can do the impossible. They believe that he is the man who can rebuild New Brunswick and make it a beautiful city. No one doubts his abilities anymore, after seeing what he did on that block that was old and decaying.

Boraie Development is a real estate firm that offers services such as property management, real estate marketing and sales, and of course, real estate development. They work with the best architects and contractors to make sure that their clients, who they are committed to, are getting the highest quality work available. Check out his website

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How Tammy Mazzocco’s real estate career was shaped over the years.

In many places, women are viewed as beings that are not made for the business industry. They are considered as subjects who should stay at home and take care of the children. Tammy Mazzocco is one woman who has proved everyone wrong as she has ventured into real estate and still held leadership positions. According to her profile, Tammy started her career in real estate when she was the secretary at The Edwards Realty Company which is a commercial real estate company. While she was there, she worked hand in hand with a team consisting of nine fiscal agents and Mike Zelnik as their leader.

Mike Zelnik is an active commercial Realtor, and he was happy to lead Mazzocco’s team. For the next seven years, she spent in condominium management held at Scotland Yard Condominiums. This is also the same time she became a licensed real estate agent. While she was still learning and gaining experience in her real estate career, Ken Cook played the role of training and teaching her all about real estate.

After she had come back from Scotland Yard Condominiums, she started working with T&R Properties. She worked as a multi-site property manager for an office warehouse and two apartment complexes. As years went by, she was able to become a licensed personal assistant for Re/ Max producer, Joe Armeni, in Columbus. Having the chance to work with Joe and see how successful real estate’s operate inspired Tammy to engage in the real estate business full time.

She later decided to join Judy Gang & Associates which is located in Pickerington, Ohio. The firm was a mentor, inspiration, and friend for her. Real Estate has been growing and developing in Ohio, and agents like Tammy make the industry to continue with its growth. She now sells residential real estate in different places such as Licking, Franklin, Fairfield and Delaware counties in Central Ohio. Be sure to Contact Tammy Mazzocco on Facebook today to receive the assistance you need in finding the right home for you.