Search Cleanup: Maintaining Reputation

When you’re running a business, it’s important to be constantly searching for your name or your business and checking to see what kind of reviews or articles are popping up. If you’re doing well, usually you’ll find great reviews from satisfied customers that love doing business with you, but every once in a while there will be bad apples who just will not let a bad experience they had with you go. Unfortunately, that bad apple may exaggerate or say things in their review that may not be entirely true just to make a point, or maybe a competitor out there decided they wanted to do a hit piece on you just to make a point. When that happens, there are steps you should take including hiring to clean up any negative news online.


When you see reviews, blogs, or other articles and social media sites out there attacking you, don’t start turning your websites or social media pages into attack dogs. Instead, you should investigate what exactly the complaints are about and make sure that you’re doing everything to satisfy your customers in that regard and make sure there have been no incidents in which your customers have been short-changed.


If you’ve had false accusations stated about you or your business on review pages, make sure you let your customers know that business goes on and try to make sure the real story comes out. You should not fight the battle alone though, and if there is negative press affecting you, can help get rid of it. SearchCleanup has a team of professionals that can work behind the scenes to ensure false or irrelevant information is removed where appropriate and positive search results start showing up in search engines.