Rona Borre Succeeds With Instant Alliance and Daring Insistance

Luck does not cause success because it is fleeting. Hard work and determination can be the cause of success, but it must be applied in a persistent and consistent manner to work. That is just what Rona Borre has done with her company, Instant Alliance, the staffing company she started in 2001, be sure to click on, to read more about Borre and Instant Alliance.

Her philosophy has worked well in that she specializes in the hiring of only professionals in the financial and technology fields because they are always in demand. Growing companies will always need these disciplines to grow and keep that growth sustained.

Rona Borre also knows that the usual methods of pouring over hundreds of resumes of candidates are not a good way to go because you only get random results. Borre and her people make a concerted effort to get to know the leaders of their client companies and they have a special interview to discover the answers to key questions.  Try clicking  to read important articles.

Borre wants to know exactly what the client wants and needs in the way of an ideal candidate. What will they be doing, exactly and how will they fit into the corporate culture? Once these questions have answers, Rona Borre and her account executives will then go to work and find that candidate.  The statistics tell the tale. Total interviews to hires is at a 3 to 1 ration, very, very good to say the least. When people are hired, there is only a 1 percent attrition rate, and that one has held for the past 15 years.

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