Rediscover Yourself with Jeunesse Global

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse is a well-established health and wellness firm that aims to solve age-related troubles in people of all ages. The company was given its first heartbeat by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, who at the time had forged great successes in their own entrepreneurial pursuits but wanted to realize a dream greater than themselves. The duo put their heads together and funded Jeunesse into being, and they’ve since pulled a respectable following (the “Jeunesse Family”) to show for their research and development into cutting-edge wellness products.

Why It Works

Jeunesse’s cornerstone achievement is the creation of the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which breaks down into several product lines. Each line is focused on a unique area of the human body and the age-related problems that tend to affect that area; as such, the administration of the products as well as their composition varies by regimen. You can choose to buy the entire system or just one particular product line.

The reason Y.E.S. works so well is a matter of a few frank realizations that Randy and Wendy came to terms with many moons ago:

  1. Natural is the way of the body, and the body is the most powerful tool to heal its own ailments with.
  2. The reason the body struggles to correct its own ailments today owes to the highly unnatural lifestyles that we’ve taken on in the contemporary lens of sedentary living, overexposure to radiation-producing technology and the overabundance of harmful free radicals.
  3. Drugs are sometimes necessary but not always the first or final answer to our aches, pains and tiredness.

All nine regimens of Y.E.S. are all-natural and proprietary to Jeunesse’s research division, which has refined their offerings over the years to expand upon their effectiveness. You can find a product line for everything from insomnia, lethargy and cognitive dysfunction to fitness woes, chronic immunodeficiency and more. While the products appear to be aimed at the older crowd, they’re great for people of all ages; however, Y.E.S. is not a replacement for doctor-prescribed medication and shouldn’t be used to treat serious conditions.

OSI Group Is A Well Grounded Organization

OSI Group is a major international food distributor that has built its business on a solid principal. The company began with the vision of a German immigrant. It later developed into a food distributor that provided services to restaurants and supermarkets alike. Otto Kolschowsky was the original pioneer behind the OSI group. It opened as a meat market in 1909. The company later became known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons developed a reputation for providing a great product for a fair price. Eventually they caught the eye of McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was expanding his empire in the mid-1950s. He planned to open a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Kroc sought out the services of Otto and Sons to provide a very important element to his business.

Otto and Sons lived up to the demanding challenge that McDonald’s placed upon them. Their business savvy and innovations eventually made them the exclusive supplier of meat to the McDonald’s organization. Creations such as the patty cutting machine were simple, yet highly effective for the business relationship between the two organizations. The machine allowed Otto and Sons to deliver a product that was ready to use. It was something no other meat supplier to McDonald’s had thought to do. Otto and Sons also embraced cryogenic freezing which allowed them to maintain large amounts of stock in order to fulfill the needs of the expanding food organization.

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Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Industries. OSI Industries has grown into an international food supplier. They have business relationships with several fast food enterprises. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Subway are some of the clients that are serviced by OSI. The company was named the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes. It has plants in 17 countries. There are 65 operating plants total.

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Vijay Eswaran: The Brains Behind the Innovative QI Group of Companies

QI Group of Companies is an international conglomerate consisting of a diversified group of businesses with service centers in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. The Group also operates subsidiary firms on in close to 30 nations. It has diversified its business into seven major lines: telecommunications, luxury & collectibles, property development, lifestyle & leisure, training and conference management, and e-commerce business (retails & direct sales).

QI Group of Companies has tapped into the education industry by creating Malaysia-based University. The steadily rising group has also channeled its resources to the hospitality industry on YouTube in Sri Lanka, The Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey. It has established a broad range of modern resorts, boutique hotels, and spa. The QI Group adheres to the highest level of business ethics and is part of the World Economy Forum and the Commonwealth Business Council. Dr. Vijay Eswaran founded QI Group in 1998, and he serves in the position of executive chairman.

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Dr. Vijay Eswaran: the talented executive

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia on October 7, 1960. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, holding an undergrad in social-economics. Before venturing into the business world, Vijay did various odd jobs such as working as a manual laborer in a Belgium-based construction site, driving a taxi in London, and plucking grapes in France. While living in the United Kingdom, a friend introduced Vijay to binary system marketing. He got interested and joined the UK-headquartered CIMA for a professional qualification. Later on, he enrolled at the Southern Illinois University for an MBA. While pursuing his advanced degree, Vijay worked for the U.S-based Synaptics as a part-time multilevel marketer.

Vijay received his MBA in 1986 and relocated to Malaysia to focus on building his career in multilevel marketing. Vijay Eswaran co-founded a firm that expanded into the today’s QI Group of Companies. He shares his experiences with clients and other entrepreneurs through public speaking. He has spoken at globally acclaimed forums such as the World Economic Forum and the Sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held in India. He has authored a book known as In the Sphere of Silence that gives details on his personal life and management style.