Eric Pulier And The New Plan For Enterprise Software

Eric Pulier has made his mark in software development, specifically software targeted at enterprises and cloud companies. But he’s started to turn a new page since leaving the Computer Sciences Corporation with a new company known as vAtomic Systems. This company has plans to turn disruptive business app concepts into reality through seeding. Pulier formed this company because he’s seen a movement into mobile technology and a use of gaming features to turn these apps into real world solutions. He’s seen how other apps have taken these gaming features and become new economic engines such as Uber and Airbnb. Pulier is based in Los Angeles but began his programming career back in Teaneck, NJ.


Pulier practically learned how to program through his own knowledge, and by the time he reached high school he was running a top-notch database company on the school’s computers. His achievements while still young earned him a scholarship to Harvard, and while he chose to major in literature there he also enrolled in MIT’s computer science program. Pulier contributed columns to the Harvard Crimson prior to graduating magna cum laude.


Eric Pulier began a digital media company out in Los Angeles, originally known as People Doing Things and later becoming a digital marketing and web design solutions company known as Digital Evolution. Pulier became a founder of several cloud solutions and service-oriented applications throughout his business career. Those applications included Desktone, a virtual desktop app that’s now a part of the VMware suite and ServiceMesh, a fully integrated enterprise cloud management system. Pulier has also served as Chairman for US Interactive and Vice President of the Computer Sciences Corporation.


Pulier joined former President Bill Clinton’s advisory team not long after his reelection in 1997 and brought about the Presidential Technology Exhibition as part of the celebration. Eric Pulier joined Starbright World in 1998 where he helped put together virtual reality and games as well as live video communication for children’s hospital patients. While working at the CSC, Pulier also became a founding member of the Enterprise Leadership Council at TM Forum. He also works with the Painted Turtle camp in his spare time.