The Lovaganza Humanist Adventure Begins in 2020

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The much-anticipated Lovaganza celebration is now scheduled to debut front and center beginning 2020. Lovaganza’s Bohemian adventure is fast becoming the must-attend talked about event that will showcase various global cultures and promote cultural awareness. Educators, artists, filmmakers, and supporters, among the few will join in the four month celebration, aiming to spotlight initiatives of the Lovaganza foundation, such as humanism around the world. The founders have aptly named the ceremony “Hands Around The World” and hope to initiate a wider interpretation for giving, sharing, and generosity.

Lovaganza has become a juggernaut of a global platform, and founders are playing a leading role in human connections. “We want to upend conventional thinking and lead people to give unselfishly,” said one associate. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), Americans donated an estimated $2.5 billion in 2014, yet there are still issues with clean water for children. Can we do more?

Celebration Release Date

The global celebration was initially scheduled for 2015, but as emerging technology has consistently come into play, the founders decided to push the date back to 2020 to allow for new cutting-edge concepts that connect with people. Lovaganza will be releasing sample 3D cinematic glasses that offer audiences a lifelike viewing. Promotions are set to debut in 2017, that include three major films that incorporate the Hands Around The World theme. Preliminary filming has taken place in several countries including the U.S., France, and Spain. Filming will continue around the globe in Africa, Asia, and Middle East locales. “This celebration will become a hands-on classroom, and everyone across the globe will be able to join in,” said one associate.

Lovaganza At A Glance

The Lovaganza project is focused on social activism and generosity. Dedicated to compassion and global awareness, the Lovaganza celebration has become an official worldwide signature movement. These major motion films, that will debut starting 2017, will not only create an opportunity for experiential learning, but help audiences around the world discover human condition through the eyes of others. The main objective is to become mindful of everyone’s needs and demonstrate compassion, cultural sensitivity, and more importantly, form a habit for worldwide humanism.

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