Could It Be That Wengie…


Wengie DIY life hacks on Youtube are extremely useful, easy new ways to fix old problems. Wengie is a fun host who shows many cool ways to do things that are helpful in every day life. Moreover, she has created delightful Wengie videos of life hacks. She gives precise instructions, showing the ease in which each hack can be done.


In fact, Wengie DIY is fabulous, and here are just some of the many hacks that fit into the short video:


*Take a disposable razor to your clothing that has lint. The razor will shave it right off.


* For important papers that need to be dry, unfolded and clean, use a zip lock baggie place a cardboard inside, then slide the documents in and place in a safe place.


* For making sure the rubbish in the waste cans that must go out doesn’t leak in the bottom of the can, put newspapers in it. Fold up the papers and add to the trash.


* Take a box of cereal, put it in a large strainer, and shake it over a large bowl. This makes sure the best cereal is left on top, and all the little pieces are shaken out into the bowl. Use the bowl of bits for ice cream topping, crumbs in a meatloaf or whatever you may want them for.


* Don’t worry about buying something you may have at home. Take some shots on a phone to see what is in each cupboard, the fridge and wherever else you keep supplies. Never wonder again while shopping, because now there is proof of what is there in the cupboards.

Wengie Shows 3 Ways To Wear High Waisted Short

High waisted pants and shorts are making a come back! Majority of people believed that they had gone and died when the days of the late 1980s and early 1990s were behind us. No matter your size, high waisted shorts are for you and in this video Wengie shows us just exactly how to style them and how to wear them.

The key outfit pieces Wengie shows us are extremely simple but also very cute and flattering. She’s paired the high waisted light denim wash shorts with a midriff top and some white platform sneakers.

Wengie describes this look as “Cool & Casual”. She has a floral long sleeved shirt wrapped around her waist which is definitely very cool. Tying a shirt around your waist when wearing shorts is an easy way to give off a laid-back vibe that describes summer and spring. Most of the pieces being white or plain works into the casual theme as well. A perk for this outfit is that if you happen to get chilly the long sleeved shirt can double as your jacket, two birds with one stone!

When heading to the beach in your high waisted shorts, think of adding a crocheted midriff top. Altogether, the combination gives a very summery feel and would be a perfect outfit for a night out on the beach at the bonfire or if you and your friends are hanging out at a boat party. Wengie coined this look as “Beach Goddess”. The crocheted midriff top has long sleeves which adds a bit of modesty and sweetness to the high waisted shorts.

Last outfit suggestion is the “Floral Princess”. Wengie has paired a floral kimono with the midriff shirt and high waisted shorts. Paired together it becomes more of a girly outfit that would be perfect on a first date to a picnic or even going out to the movies with your friends on a Sunday afternoon. The floral kimono keeps in tune with the summer and spring season but is airy enough, so that you won’t feel constricted when the temperature rises.

These are the three looks Wengie showed us with three simple items. A mid riff top, high waisted shorts, and platform shoes become otherworldly when paired with other accessories and can mold into any sort of situation.

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