Connecting Inmates, Friends and Families

Being the leading provider of both criminal and civil justice technology, Securus Technologies is committed to providing solutions for public safety, monitoring, corrections and investigation. Last month, it announced that they will be joining hands with Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) to allow every inmate locked up at the facility one free call each day. This will aid them in staying in contact with their friends and family that might have been affected by the recent devastating floods. This program will run for a week up until seventh September.

Richard A. “Rick” Smith, the President and CEO of Securus Technologies, explained that their core business is maintaining communication between inmates and their respective circle. This took an important turn when the flooding started in Louisiana. The magnitude of the floods is so serious in that the authority has to take necessary steps to calm the stress and anxiety of the inmates.

Securus Technologies will be taking liability for the calls which is approximated to be worth three hundred thousand dollars. The drive and generosity that is portrayed by the firm required them to contribute more than just the calls. They donated fifty thousand dollars to the inmate welfare is estimated that in excess of two hundred and fifty thousand calls will be made before the September seventh deadline.

Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was initially founded in 1986 and has its branch offices in Atlanta, Allen and Carrollton. It employs more than two thousand individuals and has existing contracts with three thousand correctional facilities in the United States. It mainly focuses on inmate communication, government information and parolee tracking. It announced that it had invested six hundred million in patents, technologies and acquisitions.