Eric Lefkofsky Helps Raise 80 Million Dollars To Help Cancer Paitents Find Better Treatment Options

Tempus Labs is a cancer data gathering technology company that is located in Chicago. Tempus uses RNA, DNA, and molecular data of patients to find the best way possible for them to treat a patient. They look deeper into what kinds of medicines are working for a patient but also they look into the age, the other diseases a patient might have, why a medicine works and why it doesn’t. This information is not at a doctor’s fingertips but Tempus is working as hard as they can to make this information open to doctors so together Tempus and a patients doctor can make a well thought out plan of how to treat patient’s cancer but also help people in the future who develop cancer by knowing things that happen frequently with certain people who have similarities.

Tempus Labs Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky is very interested in using the technology Tempus has been provided with and finding similarities and differences between patients in treatment so they can find ways to fix treatment plans to meet a patient’s more specific needs in hopes that it will help them to not only be treated better but also rid them of that cancer that they have. His main goal in life is to enhance/ better the lives of humans so that they can live a full life.

Tempus Labs has raised 210 million dollars over time since they started up over two years ago and recently they just raised 80 million dollars so they can further their research in helping patients. Overall, With the amount of money, Tempus Labs is able to raise towards cancer research they can slowly but surely figure out how to help more and more people find the right treatment plans for them. They can also use the money they have raised to hire more employees to help them do this. They currently have a little over 4,000 employees but could always use more, right now they onboard about 30 new people a month but with more fund-raising, they could up their amount of employees hired by quite a few more people along with finding more research tactics and stuff.

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