Graeme Holm: How Infinity Group Australia Helps People with Debt

Graeme Holm is the founder of the Infinity Group Australia, which is a financial management firm that aims to provide Australians with an effective approach in managing their finances. The company is based in New South Wales, and they have been operating to help as many people as they can. The company’s client base comes from all walks of life, and they are proud to say that they never had any clients who felt dissatisfied with their services. Athletes, business people, and young professionals are some of those who are seeking the assistance from the company, as they are the ones who tend to have a lot of expenses.



Graeme Holm stated that when someone wanted to get the assistance from the Infinity Group Australia, they would have to agree to some of their conditions, like being able to provide their monthly or weekly income and expenses and being subjected to the supervision of a personal banker. Another condition that they wanted their clients to remember is the controlled use of debit cards. The company strictly monitors their client’s spending, and one of their golden rules is that if their clients could not pay it in cash, then they should not be buying the item they wanted. This approach is effective, and many of their clients have praised this approach by the Infinity Group Australia because it would tell the mind not to buy the item because it is not a necessity. The company is also highlighting the difference between wants and needs by exhibiting the strict rule about using cash and debit cards.



According to Graeme Holm, people tend to buy something that they don’t need. These items usually end up being stuck inside the house, and other times they are put in the trash bag. The money spent on these items should have been sitting in the mortgage instead of being used to pay the debt. It could have also been used to invest in the stock market. People should keep in mind that mortgages and other kinds of loans are being calculated daily, and they will be charged every month for the result of every calculation. Clients should have a better understanding of how the debts are being calculated so they would not have the time to spend their hard earned money on something that they do not need. Most Australians would buy something that they have access to, and the prevalence of using the credit card have added additional problems to the growing debt of Australian families.



Based on the figures released by an Australian surveying firm, more than 30% of Australians are suffering from massive debts. Sydney and Melbourne have the most number of families who are indebted, and according to Graeme Holm, their goal is to lessen this figure. He is confident that the services offered by the Infinity Group Australia would result in more families being able to pay their debts and get back to a state where they are debt-free. For Graeme Holm, this is a challenge that requires discipline and determination to be able to succeed. Learn more: