Hussain Sajwani: China Driving My Interest

Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC owner and chairman and the globe’s tenth richest Arab who is seeking to enlarge his business presence in Asia. The continued economic growth of Asia and particularly China is what drives Hussain Sajwani interest in the country. For several years, Damac has been dynamic in the Chinese marketplace, but Hussain is currently seeking to enlarge his business presence in the region. The value of the emerging middle class in China continues to grow, and the Damac boss sees it as a ripe opportunity to capture extra investors due to added bilateral associations between China and UAE.

Sajwani views diversity as a key ingredient at Damac. That indicates that the firm is rich in varying ideas, perspectives and views to tap into when making major business decisions or when developing strategic plans. The worker place at Damac has employees from different countries, and that is all that makes the organization unique.

With factors like exchange rates, tariffs, and trade wars among others, Hussain Sajwani has been able to keep with the fast pace of change because he has never been in politics and more so he focuses on changes and policies that only affect his company. As per, if the world politics alter the dynamics of the markets and industry in which Damac operates, it’s at that point that they adapt and revise the approach while making the best of the chances and at the same time minimizing negative politics and the likes.

The story of Damac is all related with the great vision that the founding fathers of UAE who knew the value of holding a unified and strong nation and which would serve as the gateway between the West and East. From a young age, Hussain Sajwani understood the significance of home-grown businesses. Damac has attained the level and size of maturity that ensures it begins viewing beyond the region.

The company has provided more than 20,000 homes with just a few developers in the Middle East, and there are also good chances of taking the business to various corners of the world. Every person at Damac is capable of contributing to the growth, performance, and innovation of the company.

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