James Dondero’s Impeccable Achievements

James Dondero is the co-establisher of Highland Capital Management, a United States known organization whose specialty is in the providence of loan in dollar amounts. James Dondero’s popularity in the credits markets is attributed to his more than three decades of exposure. Additionally, James acquired skills form other organizations that he previously served. In 1989, he joined Protective Life’s GIC affiliate organization playing the role of the chief investment officer. Mr. Dondero grew the company from a mere concept to a more than $2 billion revenue organization. As a portfolio manager, James Dondero advanced his knowledge in high-yield bonds management, common stocks and preferred inventories. Before joining Protective Life’s GIC, James Dondero worked with American Express for four years. James was responsible for the rise of the enterprise’s fixed income money to approximately $1 billion.

James Dondero attended Virginia University where he earned Commerce BS, specifically in Accounting and Finance. He has received certification as a managerial accountant and possesses the legal rights to use the designation offered by the Chartered Financial Analyst. His extensive knowledge places him at the top of many reputable organizations besides Highland Capital. James Dondero serves at NexBank operating as the board’s chair. James not only works at financial institutions but also supplements health initiatives with his leadership expertise. Some of the health organizations that benefit from Mr. Dondero’s involvement include Cornerstone Healthcare and the CCS Medical. Also, James Dondero is famous for his philanthropic courses across the nation. He has supported many charitable operations including the program organized by the scholars of SMU Towers. Other courses that James Dondero has boosted financially include the Perot Museum, and the Education is Freedom initiative.

As an advocate for educational enhancement programs, James Dondero operates jointly with learning institutions. He is an executive board member at the University of Southern Methodist, the Business School. He believes in the providence of equal rights to children regardless of the background or status. His activities demonstrate his support for children, mainly his donations to the Uplift Education group. James Dondero postulates that stability in public schools will empower students to maximize to attain their potential to the fullest.