Know Your Rally Champion Mr. Rodrigo Terpins

Rally championship competitions happen to be one of the most joyous and lively games in the eyes of many spectators. Some go to an extent of developing mobile game applications to taste the feeling of the rally driving on their phones. When it comes to living rally competitions, you may have wondered where those cars are really driven by humans or are they computer-driven. Well, the fact is that the cars are driven by highly trained and experienced professional drivers who know the real job behind the wheel. One of such celebrated rally drivers in Brazil is Rodrigo Terpins.

In the heart of Brazil hails a renowned rally driver that every rally fun applauds nationally for his expertise and talents when it comes to rally driving. It becomes even more fun when they participate with his bother Michel Terpins who is also a well-known driver. Rodrigo Terpins has participated in various competitions and races like Prototype T1, Bull Sertoes Rally, and many others. He has rallied with Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator and partner.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins believes in the power of consistency and determination in making a successful career in rally driving. He refers to these two as the driving forces into becoming a real champion. He has always said that he values his past competitions as they formed a good foundation for his present and even future races and competitions.


The Heroic Rodrigo started his passion from a very young age. His sports affinity family made his dream a reality especially from the motivation of his father who was a very successful basketball player and a president of Latin American Jewish Council and The Maccabi Latin American Federation. The family turned to be famous in off-road rally championship in entire Brazil.

Rodrigo has not ignored the power of social media and innovations thus making him have several social media accounts which he specifically uses to interact with his huge fan base. Anyone who wants to follow his rally driving professionalism usually clicks on the LinkedIn page. In addition to his social media, he also has a well-maintained website which contains his bio information, interviews, and even photos. You can visit for more info.