Massage Chairs That Help a Strained Back

A strain in your back can come with debilitating pain and a long recovery time, but with a comprehensive care plan you can be back to your normal routine quickly. While over the counter medication and rest are an important part of treating your back pain, another important part of your care plan for your strained back is massage. And while getting a massage at a spa can be a relaxing treat, with a massage chair at home, getting and keeping your back healthy can be done conveniently and with less total expense.

There are several types of massage chairs that may work to soothe an aching back and it is important to pick that one that will work best for you. The first thing to consider is expense. Massage chairs can be purchased at a variety of price points ranging from simple cushions that can be added to a chair you already own all the way to deluxe models that massage not only your back but your entire body. Some massage chairs are even equipped with music and light functions for maximum relaxation. For an in-depth breakdown of the different kinds of massage chairs please see this article from the Chair Institute (

After deciding on a price point that works for you, next you need to find a chair that can comfortably target your problem area. Most back strains occur in the lower back, and while studies show that any type of massage can help with back pain (, targeting the location of your pain can provide more immediate relief.

The most common muscles involved in a back strain are the quadratus lumborum (QL) and the gluteus medius ( Your QL ( is located alongside your spine on either side and is best accessed from the side of your body. To target these muscles, look for a chair that wraps around your back and can provide some massage along your sides. The gluteus medius ( located very low on your back as is connected to the rest of your buttocks. A chair that targets your very low back and upper buttocks will be the best choice to reach these muscles. With careful shopping, a chair that targets both of these muscles would allow for the most pain relief.

Lastly, when looking for a massage chair to help relieve the symptoms of back strain, it is important to try the chair first. Look for a showroom where you can try several models or if ordering from the internet, be sure to check the return policy on any item you may purchase. Your height, weight, and frame all come into account with where a massage chair will apply pressure when in use, so looking for a chair that targets your pain specifically is key. For more information just visit the site