OSI Industries Strengthens Its Presence In The European Market

OSI Industries, a reputable food processing company with a strong global presence, has recently elevated its production capacity in Spain. OSI Industries Spain facility successfully increased its production of processed chicken products and made upgrades to the facility and its security, production, and storage areas.

Since its inception in 1909, OSI Industries has invested heavily towards delivering unparalleled customer experience and cutting-edge food product manufacturing. Through a deep commitment to research and development, the company’s innovative production plants and test kitchens have managed to deliver a wide array of popular food products to the global market. OSI opened the Spain facility to cater to the rapidly increasing demand for chicken products across Spain and Portugal. The sales of chicken products over the past decade have recorded an average annual growth of 6 percent, with the numbers skyrocketing in recent years.

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Project Details

OSI spent €17 million to upgrade its production facility in Toledo, Spain. The upgrade saw the production volume of chicken products increase from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year, resulting in a cumulative production volume of 45,000 tons of meat products annually. It also led to the addition of 22,600 square feet to the production facility. Now, the facility has the following new spaces:

• A production hall
• Storage areas
• Social areas for workers
• Refrigerated areas for storage of waste containers
• Service areas
• Shipping and reception area

OSI Industries in Brief

OSI Industries has diversified operations throughout the globe, including over 20,000 workers at over 65 modern facilities in 17 nations. In 2016, the Forbes Magazine listed this food-processing powerhouse as one of the most prominent private U.S. enterprises, ranking at position 58 with a net worth of $6.1 billion.

The food-processing giant entered an acquisition spree in 2016. The company bought a Chicago-based food processing facility known as Tyson Foods in June 2016. This purchase was in line with OSI’s expansion efforts to meet the constantly rising needs and expectations of its large client base. In August 2016, OSI purchased a controlling stake in Netherlands-headquartered Baho Food. According to President David McDonald, this acquisition has allowed OSI to strengthen its presence in the European Market.