Finding the Right Hair Care Products

It is very important to ensure you take care of your hair all the time. For women, hair is their head suit and it always needs to be clean and healthy. This all depends on the type of hair products used since some of them can cause hair to your hair. Make sure you take your time and decide which products are best for your hair before you can purchase them. WEN is a very reliable line of haircare products which is designed to help women who have different hair types. This means you can use these products since they are made from natural ingredients to ensure your hair remains strong and healthy at all times.

Wen by Chaz Dean,, products helps you manage your hair more easily especially when styling it or brushing. In this way, you will no longer feel the need to use hot devices on your hair anymore. These devices only makes your hair weak and it is important to use products that are healthy and beneficial to your hair to prevent issues such as breakages. Wen by Chaz hair products will work just fine for people with all hair problems such as dyed hair and many more.

Benefits of Shampoo and Conditioners

You can also decide to use shampoos and conditioners especially if your hair collects too much dust and dirt. It is always advisable to ensure we keep our hair and scalp clean by using shampoo which gets rid of all substances that may accumulate and cause itching or irritation. Conditioners on the hand are hair products which you can use to keep your hair strong, nourished and strong. It does not foam easily which might be strange at the beginning but you will get used to it. This Amazon sold product can be used once in a while and it is important to let it settle after the whole application before cleaning it off.

For more hair care tips, visit the official Wen website. Also check out the Wen Facebook page.

Vijay Eswaran: The Brains Behind the Innovative QI Group of Companies

QI Group of Companies is an international conglomerate consisting of a diversified group of businesses with service centers in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. The Group also operates subsidiary firms on in close to 30 nations. It has diversified its business into seven major lines: telecommunications, luxury & collectibles, property development, lifestyle & leisure, training and conference management, and e-commerce business (retails & direct sales).

QI Group of Companies has tapped into the education industry by creating Malaysia-based University. The steadily rising group has also channeled its resources to the hospitality industry on YouTube in Sri Lanka, The Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey. It has established a broad range of modern resorts, boutique hotels, and spa. The QI Group adheres to the highest level of business ethics and is part of the World Economy Forum and the Commonwealth Business Council. Dr. Vijay Eswaran founded QI Group in 1998, and he serves in the position of executive chairman.

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Dr. Vijay Eswaran: the talented executive

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia on October 7, 1960. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, holding an undergrad in social-economics. Before venturing into the business world, Vijay did various odd jobs such as working as a manual laborer in a Belgium-based construction site, driving a taxi in London, and plucking grapes in France. While living in the United Kingdom, a friend introduced Vijay to binary system marketing. He got interested and joined the UK-headquartered CIMA for a professional qualification. Later on, he enrolled at the Southern Illinois University for an MBA. While pursuing his advanced degree, Vijay worked for the U.S-based Synaptics as a part-time multilevel marketer.

Vijay received his MBA in 1986 and relocated to Malaysia to focus on building his career in multilevel marketing. Vijay Eswaran co-founded a firm that expanded into the today’s QI Group of Companies. He shares his experiences with clients and other entrepreneurs through public speaking. He has spoken at globally acclaimed forums such as the World Economic Forum and the Sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas held in India. He has authored a book known as In the Sphere of Silence that gives details on his personal life and management style.

Capital Group Partners With Samsung for Asset Control

With over thirty years experience in investment, Timothy was appointed Chairman of the Company, Capital Group. Timothy partners with senior executives of Capital Group to run the business and manage daily operations. Timothy’s roles at Capital Group began in 1983 when James Rothenberg was the Chairman. Timothy took up his position when he passed on in July 2015. Armour acknowledged James’s input at Capital Group during his serving as lead and Chairman.

Capital Group was established in 1931, in California and is prominent for its age and reputation as the top notch investment management with long term focus. The company has offices in over twenty cities. Capital Group has had many partnerships including the Samsung Asset Management. The aim of the alliance was to link on global and asset control in the Korean market. The two firms were to capitalize on four core areas namely; investment administration, asset supervision, retirement management and maintenance of supply channels.

Early Life and Career

Although Investment is fun and beneficial, the risks involved are not as exciting. That is why Timothy Armour is instrumental in the field of investment. Timothy Armour has been a long term serving Chairman and Director of Capital Research Company. He is also the Principal Executive Officer of the firm and a Portfolio Manager in the company. With a vast experience in investment, Timothy was initially the Investment Analyst at Equity Capital. In that department, he was in charge of global telecommunications. His career commenced when he participated in the program of associates after his graduation from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s in Economics.

September Market Sell Off

As a portfolio manager and guru in investment, Timothy Armour was interviewed concerning the effects of China’s trading in the 2015 economic recession. The recession was marked with a sharp dwindle in Chinese stocks in addition to currency devaluation. The two elements hurt the world’s economy starting with Europe, Japan, and America, some of the states that rule the world’s economy. China decreased its interest rates to stimulate the economy. According to Timothy Armour, the U.S has been controlling the world with fair values in most sectors and companies. The market correction was therefore expected in the long run because; it is healthy for the economy once in a while. Tim further said that the economy of the U.S is not growing as fast as most investors expected because of a mix up in data.

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Could It Be That Wengie…


Wengie DIY life hacks on Youtube are extremely useful, easy new ways to fix old problems. Wengie is a fun host who shows many cool ways to do things that are helpful in every day life. Moreover, she has created delightful Wengie videos of life hacks. She gives precise instructions, showing the ease in which each hack can be done.


In fact, Wengie DIY is fabulous, and here are just some of the many hacks that fit into the short video:


*Take a disposable razor to your clothing that has lint. The razor will shave it right off.


* For important papers that need to be dry, unfolded and clean, use a zip lock baggie place a cardboard inside, then slide the documents in and place in a safe place.


* For making sure the rubbish in the waste cans that must go out doesn’t leak in the bottom of the can, put newspapers in it. Fold up the papers and add to the trash.


* Take a box of cereal, put it in a large strainer, and shake it over a large bowl. This makes sure the best cereal is left on top, and all the little pieces are shaken out into the bowl. Use the bowl of bits for ice cream topping, crumbs in a meatloaf or whatever you may want them for.


* Don’t worry about buying something you may have at home. Take some shots on a phone to see what is in each cupboard, the fridge and wherever else you keep supplies. Never wonder again while shopping, because now there is proof of what is there in the cupboards.

WEN By Chaz Dean Works Wonders On All Hair Types For Women

Chaz Dean is a very well known figure among the cosmetics and hair care industry, as he has been in the game more than a decade as well as released many products of his own. Most notably, WEN cleansing conditioners have been around for near a decade now, and is still being used by women worldwide today. WEN cleansing conditioners come in several varieties, all of which promise to bring new life back into problematic hair. Regardless of the hair type, or if the hairs oily, brittle, even damaged, Wen hair can still provide noticeable benefits. WEN still gets high ratings and reviews to this day as well, and a great review can be found on from Emily McClure.

Emily is a blogger for Bustle Magazine, but she is also avid about hair care, and she has long been trying out different products to use on her very fine hair to make it more manageable and stylable. What’s great about WEN cleansing conditioners is the unique 5 in 1 formula that Chaz Dean used to create it, allows it to not only be used on all hair types, but to replace common shampoos, conditioners, and more hair products from the bathroom. Since WEN is light on the wallet compared to many other high end hair care products, this saves quite a bit of money, and is more convenient as well.

In order to make sure that the product was not damaging to the hair or stripped it of natural oils, Chaz had to do a lot of testing, and he has even updated the product since it was first released around a decade ago. This tweaking was obviously worth it, as WEN still gets positive ratings to this day. Since WEN is all natural, it can also be used in tandem with hair styling products, as long as they are free of harsh chemicals.

For more info, visit the brand’s Facebook page. Also you can refer to:


The Career Of Dick DeVos Continues Beyond Retirement

The business world has always been one of the most impressive areas of the work of Dick DeVos, who I believe may be better known in the 21st century as an education reformer alongside his wife Betsy.

I first became aware of Dick DeVos in the early 1990s when the DeVos family purchased the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and appointed Dick as the President and CEO; Dick had already spent much of his early career working with his family’s AmWay Group where he created an international business department that increased its sales tenfold over a short six year period.

I was impressed in doing my research by the willingness of Dick DeVos to explore different areas of the business world that would become an impressive part of the career he has built over the course of more than four decades.

Unlike many business leaders Dick DeVos is not a business person willing to simply seek out opportunities offered through his family business; I believe the decision to appoint Dick as the President of the AmWay Group in 1993 came after he had spent the previous period of time proving his business skills as the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise.

After finally achieving his goal of becoming the President of the AmWay Group Dick Devos once again did something unexpected and refused o simply continue with the way the group had been moving towards over the past few decades. I believe the restructuring of the AmWay business came after Dick DeVos decided the company could perform better as a company if it were restructured in a number of different ways to create an improved group of businesses.

Once Dick DeVos decided to call time on his career with the AmWay group I feared he would decide to enjoy the fortune he created that stood at more than $5 billion in 2012; however, Dick DeVos surprised me by making sure his career continued through the investment company, The Windquest Group.

Dick had established The Windquest group early in his career but only used it in a full time way in the 21st century as a way of investing in smaller business areas that caught the eye of himself and wife, Betsy. Investing in green energy, technology, and small distilleries shows how Dick is keeping his finger on the pulse of the business world even after stepping away on a full time basis.

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Interview with Betsy Devos, the Reformer

Fabletics Takes on Amazon For Active Wear Users

How comfortable are you when you workout? Can you move around in the gym easily or do you find that your workout gear is so uncomfortable that you give up working out rather quickly? If so, you need to give Fabletics a try. This workout gear company takes on yoga pants one pant at a time. More people use yoga pants than ever before and this growing trend is what gave Kate Hudson a new idea to work with.


Kate Hudson is an active person and therefore she knew that she had to come up with an idea that others like her would enjoy. She knew that she had to do something about how people felt when they worked out in clothes that were too tight or too constrictive. She used this as her grounds for her company. She thought of the idea of starting a membership plan that people would pay for each month and that would get them new active wear each month afterwards. She then used this idea to pitch it to others who could help her to get it started.


Here we are 3 years late and the company has made more than $250 million dollars. The concept was great and more people like using the service because their clothes are so comfortable that they are able to workout and feel like they can breathe while working out. It also helps that more people are using yoga pants for everyday things and not just only to workout or practice yoga in.


If you are someone who uses yoga pants to shop, go to the doctor in or simply just to workout in, then you will love the Fabletics. For your first payment, you will need to spend $25 which is going to get you the first month subscription and then each month after, you will be billed by credit card for the membership plan you choose. The plans start at just your basic plan and then you move up until you reach the VIP status plan. If you go with the VIP membership, you will have additional perks for being the VIP of the company. One of the perks is that you get to have free shipping and free exchanges. This might be something that you could be interested in.


If you are pleased with what you receive, you keep the item and if you are not, simply return it for a credit towards something else of equal value. If you decide to stop the membership at any time, you will simply need to contact customer service to discontinue your membership. Once it has been discontinued, your credit card will no longer be billed for your monthly subscription.

George Soros’s Support For Candidates

Many candidates rely on the support of their sponsors in order to get through the campaign. There are a few exceptions to the rule such as Donald Trump. However, for those who are looking for support in their campaign, there is George Soros. George Soros is someone who takes the time to think outside the box when it comes to finding candidates to support. A lot of sponsors tend to stick with the high profile candidates. They often have the biggest chances when it comes to winning. However, George Soros is more for the minorities partially because he has found himself in situations where he has had to get away from a country that was under a dictatorship.

One of the things that George Soros has done was remodel the justice system. The way he did it is by sending forth $3 million in support of seven local district attorney campaigns for six states. Of course his purpose for the overhaul was for there to be greater justice and better efficiency in the process of making sure that the citizens are served and treated justly. George Soros has also had the intention of bringing more diversity into the office with his sponsorship.

George has also been thinking about ways to handle some of the criminals in the justice system. Among the criminals that he is thinking about are the drug dealers. He intends to fund some alternative programs for drug offenders. One of his proposals is some forms of diversion programs. George Soros believes that they will help reform the drug offenders. Often times, all it takes is redirection for some offenders to get on the right track. One thing that he wants to reduce is the trials that many drug offenders go on. He is also looking to financially support candidates who are more about reform than punishment.

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Another thing that George Soros is trying to do is to reduce the racial disparity. He is looking to help bring more African American and other racial minorities into the offices. One thing that could help minorities is if they have official leaders that they can look up to.

George Soros has been involved in many issues that were political and societal by nature. Among the goals that he had was to make sure that society is run in a more just and fair manner so that people can have their rights protected.

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Find out more about George Soros on


Financial stability is a top priority in many individuals. With millions of people holding jobs they hate in order to keep food on the table and a roof above their heads, there arises greater need for smart financial decisions to ensure stability as soon as humanly possible. The Midas Legacy is composed of a team willing to provide you with guidance on achieving the success many crave. The publisher, Jim Samson, is an International Business Times quoted expert who foresaw the economic crisis in 2006. His expertise lies in trading, entrepreneurship and real estate, with success as a bestselling author. Sean Bower, the chief editor, combines his journalism experience, financial expertise and self help studies to cover every part of the financial markets and inner self. Mark Edwards, the natural health expert, shares knowledge pertaining to natural cures while providing the uncensored truth about common foods and health practices that big corporations would prefer remain hidden.

With the three experts at the helm, The Midas Legacy strives to improve financial security and overall well being of its members. This is done by provision of resources that have beneficial impacts on lives in self, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, natural health and retirement. With the average investor being only aware of stocks as an investment option, the experts at The Midas Legacy reveal more information about retirement calculator planning and passive income. With this approach, they teach the investors ways to diversify their portfolio and minimize taxes.

With the provision of newsletters and course materials, The Midas Legacy provides an out-of-the-box experience for the clients, enabling them to find opportunities where they could not see them before. The Money Mentor is a newsletter specializing in balanced house portfolio. It is written by professional hedge fund managers and traders with input from stock market insiders. The Stock Code Breaker is a trading course that helps investors profit in both bull or bear markets. Another trading course is the Stock Raider which provides 10 tips for beating Wall Street greed. It is aimed at teaching the members how to profit from the dark side of Wall Street.
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Welcoming New CEO Bernhardt To Manse Community

Farron Bernhardt is the new addition to the Manse on Marsh assisted living facility. CEO Bernhardt has over 30 years experience and brings extensive talent to the community. Leaving Nevada housing and Neighborhood Development, Farron hopes to build on the already award winning the reputation of the Manse. Most of the administration staff works really hard to answer questions, give tours, sign up new residents, bill insurance, and make sure to meet the guidelines for assisted living facilities. Farron will make sure the facility stays one of the best facilities in California and the United States.

The Manse on Marsh facility offers both independent living and assisted living flats, apartments, and suites. The Manse is located in the central coast area of Arroyo Granda, Paso Robles. The facility is beautifully landscaped offering walking sidewalks, hiking areas, and sit down areas for residents and visitors. The facility sits in the center of the city but it offers its own small shopping area within. Residents can visit the Bistro, the Movie theater, the library, and the beauty salon. There are also many different activities that the department schedules such as dinners, cookouts, trips, and socials. Transportation is available for anyone that desires a trip to the doctors or to go shopping downtown.

People visiting the San Luis Obispo area are sure to stop in and take a tour of the award-winning Manse on Marsh. The facility is happy to announce their high marks in the Assisted Living search online. The facility is lucky to have both independent living houses and suites or apartments in the building. The facility offers resident a full-service dining area with waitstaff and delicious gourmet meals. The residents also have the ability to sit outside and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with friends. One of the best things is the friendships people form in the facility. The ability to meet and greet people from the first day they move in gives them the ability to find lasting friendships immediately.

The Manse on Marsh is very happy to announce the new CEO and friend to their community. Farron Bernhardt will be a wonderful addition to the Manse family.