Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie Drafts An Emotional And Intelligent Apology To Their Customers

Following a recent drop in sales that was caused by one of the top management of Papa John’s, a smart move had to be taken to win back the customers trust and enhance the good relationship between the company and the clients. The CEO of the company, Steve Ritchie, who has over 22 years experience took the smart move and offered an apology to customers, which was delivered through a well-written letter.

Mr. Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s stated that the company has zero tolerance to bad language from the staff and that is what has enabled the company to grow and have more than 120,000 team members both corporate and franchise. The company employs people regardless of their races and religion, and the main focus is to provide quality services to clients. He continued to point out that Papa John’s is going to take actions to improve the quality of services offered.

Steve Ritchie stated that Papa John’s is in the process of inviting professional auditors from outside to the company help in auditing the company’s diversity, culture and inclusion practices. The move will be important in assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses that will help the top management set the goals for improvement. Another great move that Steve Ritchie stated is that the opinions of the franchises and employees will be collected by the top management who will be moving around as well asking the clients to hold the company accountable and maintain transparency in their operations.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is a leader that believes in leading by example. Papa John’s takes client satisfaction as their top priority because they couldn’t make it without them. Steve said that the trust of clients is very important and Papa John’s will do what it takes to win it back and continue offering services to the esteemed clients.

Steve Ritchie offered the direct apology that included empathy and indicated some vulnerability. He stated that Papa John’s is a big company and no individual can sabotage its operation. The letter offered is a major step to recovery of the customer’s trust and the company good sales.