Randy Bryce’s Endorsement For Congress By End Citizens United

The Republican senator for Wisconsin, Paul Ryan undoubtedly has a firm grip on the 1st Congressional District of the State seeing that he has held this position since 1999, besides having served as the House Speaker since 2015. However, if the endorsement by the PAC, End Citizens United is anything to go by, Ryan’s dominance may come to an end in 2018. End Citizens United has endorsed Randy Bryce who has offered his candidature for the upcoming midterm election cycle.

Among the deductions that one can make out of this endorsement is the fact that Randy Bryce believes in two things; the importance of campaign finance reform and the overturning of Citizens United. A good number of people are aware of Citizens United and have a rough idea of how important the decision was. However, the majority of them do not know the magnitude of the harm caused by the 2010 Supreme Court decision.

According to End Citizens United, the congressional competition between Paul Ryan and Randy Bryce is among the most prominent elections in the country. It could be an indication of a shift that brings people back to the heart of politics, besides having significant implications for the economic, social and legislative policy. For the longest time, Randy Bryce has outspokenly stood for all people and railed against Washington’s oppressive system that appears to give more importance to corporate greed than the welfare of citizens, something that has earned him a big name. Bryce has been courageously and openly spoken about the disconnection between Washington and the average citizen. The knowledge that his opponent, Paul Ryan has a massive war chest and unlimited resources to get back at him in all ways has not cowed him down.

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About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots funded PAC, or Political Action Committee. Its primary objective is to pursue the enactment of a constitutional amendment that will overturn Citizens United v. FEC. For more than seven years, the PAC has been pushing for campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United is made up of donors and activists from all political backgrounds that are unified by the premise that the government must be, by the people and for the people. ECU believes that the integrity of the US electoral process will go into ruins if corporations and faceless money are permitted to determine the outcome. As such, while its ultimate goal is to end Citizens United, the PAC has a mission of eliminating big money from politics once and for all. Its activities revolve around improving the already rigged political system. ECU plans to achieve this by assisting Democrats who will work towards ensuring campaign finance reform get elected to Congress. The PAC will also engage in state elections whenever an opportunity to influence pro-reform measures arises. It is also keen on educating the public on issues to do with money in politics.

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