Recent Acquisitions Provide Boost for Securus

For the past decade, one of the leading providers of telecommunications and security services to the law enforcement industry has continued to be Securus Technologies. While the company is very young compared to other companies in its industry, Securus continues to be one of the leading providers of services due to the quality products and services that it provides. Today, the company has a client base of more than 1,000 law enforcement facilities across the country that use their services.


While the company is very well known for producing some of its very own unique and creative products and services that help to solve major issues, the company has also continue to expand due to some strategic acquisitions that they have completed. The company recently announced another major acquisition that should help to allow them to continue to expand into an even larger company in the future.


Securus recently announced that it had purchased GovPayNet, which will be a very strategic move for the company that is looking to expand an existing product line. With the purchase of the company, Securus technologies will be able to expand its payment servicing business. The company that they are buying was already a leader in the processing of credit card payments or government agencies. The company reportedly provided services to more than 2,000 different agencies across 35 different states in the United States. This will continue to help grow the Securus Technologies platform that may now be out in the country.


While Securus is best known for its communications services, they have also expanded into other areas to help them grow and provide more solutions to law enforcement agencies. The new acquisition is a very important strategic move for the company that is looking to expand greatly in this space and provide more services.