Sussex Healthcare Employees Focus On Providing Safe Practices And Quality Care

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that has been helping senior adults with conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia for decades. Founded in 1985, this organization was certified in 2002 by the International Organization for Standardization and accredited by the United Kingdom’s Health Quality Service in 2005. As Deputy Director and Head of Quality for the network of Sussex Healthcare residential facilities, Olan Ajayi works closely with senior staff members in his continuing effort to ensure safe practices and quality health care measures are adhered to. This is accomplished through review processes designed to meet the standards set forth by the ISO, CHKS and CQC.

The employees hired by Sussex Healthcare are also in alignment with their practices for safety and quality. This organization regularly hires for senior staff member positions, management positions, certified medical positions and basic care positions. Among the various medical positions available in the Sussex network of residential care homes are those for nurses. These positions are available in locations throughout both East and West Sussex. Since this organization has senior adult living facilities the positions for registered nurses often specify they require RGN qualifications. Additional related positions for nursing include Clinical Nurse Auditor and Recruitment Adviser.


In addition to the sense of reward for providing quality care to senior adults, potential candidates for positions at Sussex Healthcare also have the advantage of reaping their employment benefits. Not only does this organization have an on-site training academy that offers a variety of courses, it also provides a pension for qualified individuals and bonuses for hiring referrals. They also encourage progression within the Sussex Healthcare network, which could be accomplished by attending their on-site course programs or accessing their free mentoring service. This organization also offers competitive pay, which includes extra pay for weekends and double for holidays.

The leadership team at Sussex Healthcare takes pride in providing a broad range of services to the patients who reside in their facilities. These services include physical therapy, holistic therapy, socialization and therapy designed to aid in mental clarity. Headquartered in Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom, this organization has been helping senior adults achieve a higher quality of living for more than 25 years. They recently opened a new gymnasium where their residents have full access to equipment such as elliptical trainers and treadmills as well as a full size swimming pool and hot tubs. On-site trainers are available to provide assistance for all gym-related activities.

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